Dealer Day, October 21, 2015 | All Attendees - October 22-23, 2015

Kentucky Exposition Center

From the exhibitor's eBooth click on the "Booth Visited" box to record that you have visited this exhibitor's booth. This exhibitor will also be added to your Planner and flagged as having been visited.

From the exhibitor's eBooth click on the "Add Meeting" button.  You will then be asked to choose a date and time and add a personal message. Click "Save" and your email requesting a meeting will be sent to the exhibitor.

You can access the Walking Map from the home screen which is provided in a PDF format.  The walking map includes a numbered list of your favorite exhibitors and color coded booths on the floor plan maps. This is a great option for referencing while you are on show floor attending the event.

You can view the Interactive Floor Plan by clicking the “Maps” icon   in the app dashboard.  You may first be shown a list of the available maps for your event if there is more than one map. Click on the map that you would like to see. The map will highlight booths belonging to the exhibitors that you have added to your Personalized Planner. You can also view an exhibitor’s profile from the map view by clicking on their booth.

From the dashboard, click the "Show Specials" icon.  A list of exhibitor show specials that have been submitted to the show management will be shown in alphabetical order by the exhibitor's name.

Search for Exhibitors by Company Name

Exhibitors are shown in two lists: “All Exhibitors” and “By Product Category”.  Click on a product category to view a list of the exhibitors in that group. 

The “All Exhibitors” tab lists all the current exhibitors in alphabetical order. The “By Product Category” tab lists the product categories and the number of exhibitors who have selected each of these. 

Search Exhibitors by Keyword

You can search for exhibitors by typing a keyword in the search box at the top of the Exhibitor list screen.  The results will include all exhibitors that have this keyword in their company name, profile, brands or product categories.

Each exhibitor listing has their booth number(s) displayed below their name. An exhibitor listing may have a video icon which indicates that they have uploaded multimedia content. 

Save an Exhibitor to Favorites

From the Exhibitor list or any exhibitor's eBooth profile, you can add the exhibitor as a favorite to your personalized planner by clicking on the star icon.

Exhibitor eBooth Profile

You can visit the eBooth for any company by clicking on their name in the Exhibitor list.  You will see the company’s contact information, description, product categories and videos they have uploaded.  To play the video on your device, just click on the video. From this screen you can add the exhibitor as a favorite to your Personalized Planner by clicking on the star icon. You can also view the location of their booth on the floor plan by clicking on the “Map it” button.  The exhibitor’s booth will be highlighted on the floor plan.

From the dashboard, click the "Buzz" icon.  You will see a list of announcements from event management with the most recent first.

From the exhibitor's eBooth, click on the "Notes" button to add personal notes about this exhibitor. You can save these notes to your planner or email them to yourself or a contact by clicking the arrow in the center of the screen.