About The Trade Show

Today’s moviegoer is savvy, discriminating and extremely knowledgeable. When it comes to selecting a theatre to see a respective film, that same moviegoer would rather drive the extra distance to ensure they are getting the ultimate, state-of-the-art presentation and theatrical experience possible. Today’s demanding moviegoer is looking for optimum picture and sound quality, theatre seats that provide great comfort, a ticketing system that is quick and efficient, a concession stand that offers a diverse array of food and beverage items and a theatre setting that provides the best amenities imaginable—all of which makes that moviegoing experience worth driving the extra distance. Today’s cinema owner is just as demanding and discriminating when it comes to the building of new theatres or the remodeling and maintenance of existing theatres. The theatre market is competitive and the stakes are high.

The CinemaCon Trade Show serves that competitive, high-stakes market. Giving cinema owners from all over the world the opportunity to experience the latest and most important advances in the world of theatre equipment and concession products, CinemaCon offers the world’s largest Trade Show geared specifically for the motion picture theatre owner. It is here that decision-making cinema owners and executives walk the aisles, keeping an eye out for new equipment, products and services that will help make theirs the “go-to” theaters.

If the motion picture theatre industry is in your business plans, then CinemaCon is where you must be in April, 2015. With more than 5000 industry professional expected to attend CinemaCon 2015, being a part of the Trade Show is essential for any company that serves the cinema industry.

With potential Trade Show Space of more than 500 booths and 12 premium demonstration suite locations, the CinemaCon Trade Show will be housed in the beautiful Conference Center of Caesars Palace. CinemaCon also offers Trade Show exhibitors private meeting spaces off the bustle of the trade floor to meet clients, make pitches and close deals. CinemaCon is delighted to have as its major Trade Show partners, two of the industry’s leading trade associations, ICTA (International Cinema Technology Association) and NAC (National Association of Concessionaires).

If you are interested in a demonstration suite or meeting space, please contact:

Matt Shapiro

(516) 439-5511


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