Booth Contract

By filling out and submitting your contract for booth space, you acknowledge having read and accept the terms of the Booth Display Rules and Regulations.


CinemaCon 2017 Booth Contract


How to Submit


Contact Info

Please fill out the booth contract by typing directly into the fields of the PDF.  Be sure to include secondary contact information and indicate if you are a member of the ICTA or NAC.  If you are not a member of either, please check "I am not a member of ICTA or NAC" on the contract.  If no box is selected, your booth will be assigned at the non-member rate.

In order for your booth contract to be accepted, you MUST check the box at the bottom of the first page, following the line: "In reading and completing this contract for booth space, we hereby agree to all of the terms, conditions, booth guidelines and regulations put forth."


Booth Selection

Indicate the number of booths and desired booth configuration.  For example:

"We would like to request 4 booths in a 16 ft. x 20 ft. configuration" 

Under Desired booth location, you must select a minimum of three choices.


Payment Schedule and Procedure

You MUST return the second page of the contract (even if you are not paying by credit card).  If you plan to make payment by check or ACH Bank Transfer, please write "Will pay by Check / ACH Bank Transfer" on the Credit Card Number line.  


Please return your completed contract to

We will no longer be accepting booth contracts that are faxed, or hand-written (except for the signature line).  Contracts MUST be filled out electronically and returned via email.