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Welcome to RIMS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition



If getting ahead in business is about who you know, then you don’t want to miss  RIMS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place April 15 - 18 in Philadelphia, PA.  All the industry players will be here. Seize this opportunity to connect with colleagues, build new relationships and learn from industry heavyweights.



April 15 - 18, 2012


Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107
Exhibit Halls B - E



Here is some documentation on the convention center and the exhibit hall that will be helpful in determining the booth on the floor that best suits your needs:



Exhibit Hall Column Information Sheet:  As support columns for a building this size are unavoidable, please take a look at this information sheet so you are familiar with the placement, dimensions, and look of the columns in the exhibit hall. 



RIMS 2012 Occupied Space Footprint:  This document outlines the meeting footprint of the RIMS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  This will be helpful in illustrating the layout and traffic flow of the building.



Tools and features for everyone's use:




Tools for Exhibitors include:


Select 'Login to Manage Booth' and type in your password to gain access to the Exhibitor console. Here you can provide details about your products and/or services for potential attendees to search and find you even before the show!

  • In the 'Exhibitor Console' you can preview/edit your online directory and add your company's product classifications.
  • In  'My Account' you can access  to pay or print your invoice.

    Tools for Attendees include:

Select 'AttendeeBriefcase' to login with your ecode or if you don't have an ecode create one!

  • Once you login, 'Attendee Profile' will allow you to make changes to your personal information.
  • Use the exhibitor search and exhibitor list to create a list of favorite exhibitors. You can leave the site and come back later to print a list of your favorite exhibitors or when you print the floorplan your favorite exhibitors will be highlighted on the printed copy so you can plan your route! Select 'Attendee Expo Plan' under 'AttendeeBriefcase' to see your list of favorites






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