TechCon 2012

More Points = Better Booth Location

SVC is providing more ways to earn points for the 2013 Exhibit in Providence, Rhode Island!  Look at the comparison below and calculate the number of points you are earning this year for booth placement at the 2013 Exhibit.

Download a PDF that shows how many points you and your competitors have (and how you earned these points).  Not happy with your total?  Look at the list below to discover new ways to earn points and get an advantage on the Exhibit floor in 2013.

What's new?  Not only do you get double points for booking multiple booths, but you can add points quickly by becoming a TechCon Sponsor or advertising in the SVC Bulletin, TechCon Exhibit Guide and on the Web Site.  Earn 5 points just for having a representative from your company in attendance at the Exhibitor Meeting on Wednesday morning!

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