AACC 92nd Annual Convention

TA Connect
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3101 Iris Avenue Suite 240 
Boulder, CO  80301
United States
Phone: 303-402-0170

URL http://www.taconnect.org
Please visit us at booth # 1118 or www.taconnect.org
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TAConnecT: A Resource

To assist TAACCCT grantees and applicants in their work ahead, a new initiative known as TAConnecT provides information on nearly 30 organizations that provide technical assistance, expertise and thought support in key areas of focus, including: developmental math, digital curriculum, and programs of study. These organizations, known for their leadership in U.S. postsecondary education and workforce development, bring best-in-class expertise in a range of areas:
·      Advocacy and public awareness
·      Assessment, evaluation and data
·      Program structure and curriculum development
·      Online education
·      Policy
·      Developmental education
·      Research and best practices
·      Technology platforms
TAConnecT and the participating organizations stand ready to assist TAACCCT grantees and applicants in accelerating innovative initiatives and sharing information across grantee consortia and economic sectors. For more information, go to www.taconnect.org.

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