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Society of Toxicology
TH Annual Meeting and ToxExpoTM

San Diego Convention Center
March 22–26, 2015


  • Attracts more than 6,500 of the world's leading scientists, executives and decision makers in the field of Toxicology - click to see the Attendee Demographics 
  • 77% domestic and 23% international attendees from 55 different countries
  • Attendees include research scientists from industry, academia, and regulatory agencies, as well as top executives from CRO's, pharma, consulting firms, technology and equipment providers, and many non-profit organizations 
  • 78% of attendees have purchasing power

Exhibitors & Suppliers:
To sign up, click Request A Booth to select a premier location and be a part of the largest gathering of the industry!

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Attendees & Visitors:

Please use the ToxExpo Floorplan link to review the exhibitor list and search by company name or product category.  You can see the exhibitor's profile and products & services offered by simply clicking on that company's name. Access more information on the Annual Meeting webpage.

For individuals who are not members of SOT, participation in SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is available only to bona fide individuals and organizations that are engaged in or promote the field of toxicology or biotechnology research and support the growth and development of the toxicology field; and to organizations with public policy positions and business practices that are generally consistent with SOT’s mission, goals, reputation and its policies and principles as determined by SOT.  SOT reserves the right to review applications for registration at SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to confirm that the applicant meets these criteria for registration, and may, at SOT’s sole discretion, reject a registration to any individual or business or withdraw registration privileges at any time if any individual or organization is found to be inconsistent with SOT’s principles and interests. 


Solicitation on the show floor, at the SOT Annual Meeting, and/or to SOT attendees and exhibitor by anyone other than approved exhibitors and vendors, is strictly prohibited. 


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