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The PennWell Advantage

Family resources

The vast network of magazines, conferences, partnerships, and on-line resources makes the value of publishing with PennWell second to none. And we look outside the corporate avenues for potential niche markets, working closely with you to ensure all areas of promotion opportunities are explored. In addition, we use the relationships our sales staff has established with resellers around the world for the most widespread distribution of your work.


Number one in our industry


When it comes to petroleum, natural gas, electric power, fire, and EMS services, no one understands publishing and marketing in these industries like us!


Friendly and professional


By consumer book standards, we are not a large publisher, which means you get timely, personal attention from the contract signing through the production process, and continuing on through marketing and promotion of your work. You will be partnered with a managing editor who knows your industry, has experience working with authors in your field, and who will work with you from start to finish.





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