FDIC 2013
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The FDIC 2013 Call for Presentations submission period is now closed. Submitters will hear if their classes were picked by the end of September.  


Welcome to the 2013 FDIC Call For Presentations!


We have gone digital in order to make the process simpler, faster and easier


Deadline for submitting your proposal is July 6, 2012


Please Read the Following Page before Logging in


We are currently accepting proposals for the 2013 Conference to take place April 22-27 at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.



  • To begin submitting your proposal, simply click the Conference tab above for a drop down menu or click the link in the navigation panel to the left.
  • If you are not already logged in, you will see a box requesting an eCode (electronic password). An eCode can be obtained by completing the information at the bottom of the page under "Create your eCode”. This is only necessary if you are a first-time presenter or if you have not previously requested an eCode. 
  • If you have presented previously at FDIC, an eCode may have already been established for you.  In this case, when you attempt to "Create your eCode" you will receive the message "This user already exists".  Otherwise, your new eCode will be displayed with a message "Thank you for registering". 
  • To retrieve your eCode for the first time or if you have forgotten it, use the "Retrieve my eCode" form by entering your E-mail address as instructed on the form.
  • Once you log in, you can begin entering your proposal information.   Following the entry of your proposal information you may need to update your presenter information. If you are comfortable that all the information is complete and correct you can click submit and your proposal will be sent electronically to our offices. Please always click the save button when entering any information on this form. If you don’t all the information that you entered will be lost.
  • You will receive one or two E-mails as you go through the submission process. One E-mail will confirm your proposal submission. Another E-mail will be received if updates are made to your presenter information.
  • If you need to stop while entering your information you may leave the site and return as many times as you would like until July 6 to modify your proposal. But always remember to save all information. To avoid having to login again, be sure to click the box that says Sign me in automatically!


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