Renewable Energy World Asia 2012
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Welcome to the new site for submitting abstracts for Renewable Energy World Asia 2012!





• In submitting an abstract you are indicating your availability and willingness to develop and write a full paper by the end of July 2012, attend and present your paper at Renewable Energy World Asia 2012, if selected and comply with all deadlines.


• Please ensure that the speaker and author details you are providing when submitting your abstract are correct, as these will be used for pre-event marketing purposes.


• As a speaker you are responsible for your own accommodation and travel expenses. PennWell does not offer subsidies for this.


• Presentation Length: 20 minutes, including Q & A time.


• Complimentary Registration: One speaker per selected paper presentation is eligible for a complimentary "3-day Delegate" registration to Renewable Energy World Asia 2012, which includes admission to the exhibition hall and conference sessions, including access to the collocated POWER-GEN Asia, delegate luncheons, exhibit hall floor reception and access to the conference proceedings.




The Advisory Board of Renewable Energy World Asia comprises a committee of industry leading professionals. The Board is responsible for selecting the content of the conference from submitted abstracts. The committee will consider the following when reviewing and selecting abstracts for inclusion in the Renewable Energy World Asia 2012 programme:


1. Paper presentations should include:
        a) Commercially viable new technologies that are applicable to the power generation, transmission & distribution and related  desalination industries.
        b) Case histories of applications that have been successfully backed by supporting data.
        c) Strategies that apply to changes in the power generation and desalination industries.
        d) Technical solutions to problems, industry trends, strategies and regulatory compliance.


2. Presentations should be of interest to a broad audience and not restricted to a highly specialized constituency.


3.Content of presentations must be of relevance to the Asian market.


4.Sales presentations will not be accepted.


The Advisory Board is responsible for the content of the conference programme and their judgments on submitted abstracts are final. Abstracts are chosen on their strength, content matter and market/trend relevance.




In the left navigation bar, click on “Submit Abstract”.  If this is your first time to visit the new website you will be asked to set up a log-in account. 


• Once you log in, you can begin entering your abstract, speaker and author details.


• Please note: PRIMARY CONTACT : The person submitting the abstract will be the primary contact. Please ensure the details are correct as this is the person who will receive all future correspondence about the abstract. The primary contact is also responsible for meeting all the deadlines.


SPEAKER :  Only one speaker is allowed per paper. Please make sure you select a speaker among the co-authors.


• Make sure you click "Save" or "Submit" once you have completed the required fields for each tab (Enter Abstract, Add Author(s), Submit Abstract). You will not directly be directed to the next tab. You need to click on the next tab in order to access the next page.


• Do not reiterate the title or contact details in the abstract text field. Bold, underline and italic type styles may be used throughout the text.


• You may leave the site and return as many times as you like until Friday 9th March 2012  to modify your abstract or change speaker / author(s) details. 


• To submit your abstract, go to the third tab "3.Submit Abstract" and click on the  button "Submit Abstract" Your abstract will not be submitted until you have completed all the required fields and clicked “Submit abstract” at the end of the form. You will then see a confirmation page on your screen. You will also receive an e-mail confirming your submittal.


• No abstract will be accepted after the 9th March deadline.


• All primary contacts will be notified by e-mail as to whether or not the abstract was accepted by mid April 2012


To ensure your abstract has been submitted correctly, check its status in the "Modify Abstract" tab. 


• Click on "Modify Abstract" in the left navigation bar. You will be asked to log-in.


• You will see a list of the abstract(s) that are associated with your log-in. On this page you will see the status of your abstract(s).

"In -Progress" means you have not yet submitted your abstract and it will not be reviewed by our Advisory Board unless you click

"Submit abstract" at the end of the submittal form. The status report will then show " Submitted". You are also able to withdraw you abstract(s) at any time until Friday 9th March 2012.


• To modify an abstract, click on "Edit" by the correct abstract title.


• Press "Save" at the bottom of the page after completing the modifications.


• To confirm the modifications, go to the third tab "3.Submit Abstract" and click on the  button "Submit Abstract". If you make amendments, even  to an abstract previously submitted, you will need to press “Submit Abstract” again, otherwise it will show as " In Progress". You will then receive the confirmation your abstract has been submitted, including the amendments.


• After the deadline no further revisions can be made and abstracts will be submitted to the committee for review in their final format.




To modify your personal details (first name, last name, e-mail address and other details):


• Click on "Modify Abstract" in the left navigation bar. You will be asked to log-in.


• Above the list of abstract, you will read "Click here to modify personal information" Follow the link


• Press "Save" once the modifications have been made


Note: You can only modify your own personal details. If you spot a mistake on your co-authors details, please ask them to log-in with their personal E-code and make the changes themselves. Each contact entered in the system is attributed his/her own individual E-code which can be retrieved at all time by submitting their e-mail address.


• Click on "Modify Abstract" in the left navigation bar. You will be asked to log-in.


• Click "Edit" next to one of the abstracts you have submitted


• Go to the second tab "2.Add Author(s) and click Edit next to the correct name


• Press "Save" once the modifications done. You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the changes.


• To confirm the modifications, go to the third tab "3.Submit Abstract" and click on the button "Submit Abstract". If you make amendments, even to a biography, you will need to press “Submit Abstract” again, otherwise the abstract will be listed as "In Progress". You will then receive the confirmation your abstract has been submitted, including the amendments. 



If you have any problems, concerns or suggestions regarding the submission process or modification of an abstract please contact Amy Nash at or at +44 1992 656 621.

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