Renewable Energy World Asia
October 2-4, 2013
Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre
Bangkok, Thailand
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Call for Papers Topics:

When submitting an abstract, you will be asked to select the topic for which you wish to submit your abstract. It is mandatory that you select at least one of the topics below.

Your abstract will be submitted to our Advisory Board for review and consideration.  Following their decision, you will be notified as to the status of your submission.   


The themes and topics proposed are:


Strategic Topics

• Renewable Energy Policy & Strategy

• Attracting Domestic & Foreign Investment

• Regulatory Issues

• Building a Domestic Manufacturing Industry

• How to Achieve Grid Parity

• Project Development & Financing

• Risk Management, Insurance, Return on Investment, Acquiring RE Projects

• Incentives for Renewables/ Renewable Energy Certificate Initiatives

• Rural Electrification Utilizing Renewable Energy

• Manufacturing and Equipment Supply & Construction Capacity Constraints

• Building an Export Market

• Addressing the Skilled Manpower Shortage

• Realistic Pricing/Tariffs

• Accessing Equity Capital for Renewable Energy

• Integrating renewable variable outputs

• Biofuel Supply Chain Issues

• Developing Bio Power Energy


Technology Topics

• Offshore Wind

• Onshore Wind

• Small Wind

• Solar Photovoltaics

• Concentrating Solar Photovoltaics

• Concentrating Solar Thermal

• Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling

• Geothermal Power and Heat Engines

• Biomass/Biogas/Bioliquids Case Study

• Hybrid Power Plants, (Solar CCGT & Solar Coal, Solar PV And Thermal)

• On-Site Renewables and Building Integration

• Grid Integration (Connection, Smart Grids & Micro Grids)

• Demand Side Management and Distributed Generation

• Operations and Maintenance

• Improving Forecasting, Remote Monitoring and Systems Management

• Energy Storage Systems

• Emerging Renewables

• Resource/Site Assessment


Hydropower Topics

• Policy/Markets and Financing/ Regulatory Risk And Security/ Environmental Impacts

• Land Acquisition/Resettlement/ Rehabilitation

• Life Extension/Repowering/ Renovation/ Operations and Maintenance Best Practices/Reliability and Safety

• Supply Chain Issues and Development

• Regional Issues – Resource Management and Regional Development / Mekong Development

• New Hydro and Novel Technologies

• Pumped Storage/Grid Balancing/ Integrating Variable Renewable Capacity

• Dams and Hydraulic Structures/ Spill Ways/Gates/Raceways/Tunneling

• Turbine/Generator Advances

• Small/Micro Hydro/Run of River Developments

• O&M/Diagnostics and Monitoring

• Site Assessment

• Resource Assessment

• Fish Passage/Protection

• Sedimentation


Abstract submittal deadline: 15 February, 2013.



Abstracts are invited on a full range of topics in the field of utility-scale power generation production. These will contribute to the conference content for the co-located POWER-GEN Asia. Delegates will be entitled to attend both conferences.  

Should you wish to submit abstracts for POWER-GEN Asia, please do so via the following website:


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