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ChargeAll - The #1 Cell Phone Charging Station.
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Solving the Low Battery Problem. ChargeAll debuts the World’s Most Advanced Cell Phone Charging Kiosk for Bars, Restaurants, Sporting Venues, and More.

Industry leader ChargeAll, manufacturer of the #1 cell phone charging station, debuts their new phone charging kiosk to the lineup. Featuring five (5) secure lockers with wireless fast charge technology, a robust advertising platform, interactive touch screen display and remote access management, ChargeAll is the World’s Most Advanced Most Phone Charging Kiosk for shopping malls, schools, airports, hotels, events and pretty much anywhere you spend time.

Low Battery? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are saying “My Cell Phone Died”. According to the Pew Research Center, cell phone usage and ownership is growing at an astounding rate. In fact, over 87% of Americans now own a cell phone, with 45% of those being smartphone users. With the millions of apps available, smartphone users do everything from calling their family and friends to checking weather reports, or logging onto Facebook and shopping online. It’s because of this constant phone usage, that the low battery has become a universal problem; a problem that has become an opportunity for business owners to provide a solution.

What happens when you’re out, and your cell phone dies? Where can you really go to charge your phone? It’s from this problem, that ChargeAll was created. “Starbucks offers Wi-Fi right” says Jeffrey Maganis, founder of ChargeAll. “It’s a win-win situation for both business owners and customers. A customer walks in, buys food or drink, charges their phone and goes about their day. Nowadays, you can almost find Wi-Fi everywhere.” ChargeAll’s popular cell phone charging station is a compact, inexpensive platform for everything from restaurants and bars to coffee shops and hotel rooms. It’s already being used in thousands of locations around the world. Notables include the Hilton, Marriott, Georgetown University, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods and Toyota car dealerships.

The cell phone is more and more becoming the primary tool for consumer based decisions. According to PEW, during the 2012 holiday shopping season, nearly six in ten cell phone owners used their phone inside the store to help with their purchase. This included calling a friend, looking up reviews or trying to find a better price elsewhere. It’s not surprising that the cell phone has become such a popular platform for advertising. But, having a charged phone is as important as the cell phone itself. The more a person uses their phone, the lower their battery. The battery life of most smartphones just can’t keep up with this constant usage. The problem is that cell phone charger access is not always readily available. 

New for 2013 is ChargeAll’s cell phone charging kiosk. It meets the demand of business owners who want a secure phone charging platform with robust advertising capability. The kiosk offers five (5) secure locking doors that are large enough to charge everything from iPads and Kindles to iPhones and Blackberrys. It literally charges thousands of different devices with fast charge technology. It also features patented Qi wireless charging, a first of it’s kind. Users can simply place their phones on the pad to charge their phone. Technology is constantly changing and venues can stay ahead of the curve for years and years to come.

Unique to ChargeAll’s phone charging kiosk is a robust advertising platform and interactive touch screen display. Business owners can upload video content to stream at specified time intervals, making it a fully functional digital signage platform. This allows business owners to sell advertising space to local or national sponsors. The ability to create custom questionnaires and surveys for the touch screen display is equally appealing. Advertisers can ask any kind of questions. For example, in a sporting events arena, ask users “What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? How do you feel about XYZ’s latest drink offering? Would you like to sign up for offers/promotions?” This is a great opportunity to collect customer information (e-mails, etc.) or promote Facebook and Twitter social media campaigns.

The biggest appeal is toward advertisers. Large companies can create a nationwide deployment of phone charging kiosks. Small business owners can also benefit, each charging kiosk can also be programmed for both free or paid charging via the credit card reader and bill acceptor. “It’s a revenue generating machine for venues and business owners through the paid platform, digital signage capability and customer data collection. The possibilities are endless.” claims Maganis. ChargeAll’s phone charging kiosk works similar to vending machines, ATM kiosks and digital signage displays. It’s addressing a common problem that the public needs.

Reliability and downtime has also been an issue with other phone charging kiosks on the market. “Business owners wanted a reliable platform that didn’t break down and was easy to maintain.” says Maganis. Each ChargeAll kiosk can be remotely controlled with 24/7 access. Connect wirelessly through any computer terminal, making troubleshooting and customization a breeze. The overall construction and usability is also very simple, which makes it easy for any on-site personnel.

Millions of people around the world are saying “My Cell Phone Died” and people love the idea of ChargeAll placing free cell phone chargers everywhere. Where do you think we should place free cell phone chargers? Let us know on our Facebook or Tweet us on Twitter. ChargeAll is the solution to the low battery problem with products for both businesses and consumers. For more information on ChargeAll and to learn how their products can help your business generate more revenue, attract more customers and keep your guests longer and happier, visit our website or call us at (949) 464-8652.

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