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Bay Tek Games, Inc.
Booth # 860 Map It
1077 E Glenbrook Drive
Pulaski, WI  54162
United States
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Bay Tek Games has been designing and manufacturing coin-operated games for over 34 years in the heart of the Midwest, Pulaski, WI. In March 2011, the company introduced the bar game phenomenon, Beer Ball in March of 2011. They simply took the classic “skee-ball” game and added innovation and sex appeal. This product is perfect for any bar location. The 22 inch screen monitor allows for multiple players, advertisements, and fun animation. Each game comes standard with league and tournament software. And the thermal printer option allows locations to give away prizes for certain set scores!  Join the Beer Ball Phenomenon!

Beer Pong Masters is another bar game that Bay Tek is introducing at Nightclub & Bar.  Bay Tek makes this typical bar game to the next level.  Beer Pong Masters fun and simple game play will have everyone competing to be the "Master"!  Also, no more skunky beer in your cups!

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