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Captive Media LTD
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Hallfield House, Backlane, Little Waltham
Chelmsford, Essex  CM3 3LX
United Kingdom

Interactive washroom digital signage technology and services
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We are Captive Media. We make and manage unique, interactive digital signage technology for installation in washrooms. We also provide customer engagement marketing services for venues and for brands.

Our technology gives any washroom a hi-tech aesthetic lift, and a uniquely memorable experience for any customer. Differentiate your venue, give your customers something to talk about, and something they've never seen before!

The medium also gives venues and brands a rare moment of consumer engagement, with no distractions, in a fun and memorable interaction. Boost sales by reaching consumers at a pre-purchase moment; catch their eye in a distraction-free, high dwell-time 'captive minute'. 

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