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V-One Vodka
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PO Box 32
Hadley, MA  01035
United States
Phone: 413-584-0334
Fax: 877-818-6358
V-One, The World's Most Drinkable Vodka
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Paul Kozub grew up in an entrepreneurial household, the youngest of five children. He was 4 years old when his father started a small manufacturing business. A few months after Paul graduated from college, his father lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. This had a profound effect on him, and motivated Paul to be like his Father and one day start his own company.

After college Paul took a job as banker with TD Bank. Many days, on his way home from work, Paul would stop at his Polish Grandfather’s house. He treasured these days, as his Grandfather would tell Paul stories from his youth. His grandfather would often talk about prohibition and how he made his own special “homemade moonshine”.

In September of 2003 Paul’s grandfather passed away, a few weeks later he learned that his Grandfather had left each one of his grandkids $6,000. It was at this moment that the spirit of his Father came into his head and said “start a business” and the spirit of his Grandfather came into his head and said “make vodka”!    

Paul spent two years in his Hadley, Massachusetts basement experimenting on his own unique vodka formula. He then spent the better part of a year in Poland perfecting V-One Vodka.  In total, it took over a total of 30 different versions to develop the final recipe.

V-One is the world’s only vodka made from 100% organic spelt. Spelt is the rarest and most expensive grain variety in the world. The yield of spelt is very small compared to today’s other more commercial available varieties of grain. One of the special characteristics of this wheat is that is exceptionally pure and clean.  Spelt is often called the ‘mother of all wheat’ because it was first grown some 7000 years ago. Presently some of the organic spelt wheat used in the production of V-One is grown in Hadley MA, while the remaining Spelt is grown in Poland.

Today V-One Vodka is crafted in a 110 year old distillery in Lublin Poland. This distillery includes some of the most modern distillation equipment in all of Europe. V-One is distilled 5 times, to make it one of the cleanest vodkas on the market. The vodka is made in small batches and hand crafted to ensure high standards and the high quality of every bottle. Every aspect of each step from the cultivation of the organic spelt grain to the high-end distillation process ensures V-One’s smoothness.

V-One Vodka V-One Love, Vanilla Infused Vodka with a hint of rose

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