Metrologic Group Services

Wixom,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 745

Metrologic Group core business is to design, manufacture and deliver a proven and renown universal 3D inspection software able to connect to any measuring device, from any brand, with any sensor.

SOFTWARE: Metrologic is the benchmark for excellent probe and point cloud analysis software enabling universal capabilities in metrology and inspection.  Metrologic has developed more than 79 direct machine interfaces to connect its software to any robots, CMM CNC controllers, articulated arms, laser trackers and 3D optical Scanners. 

ELECTRONICS: The company also offers Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) retrofits with new hardware, through its line of Controllers and other control devices

SERVICES: Metrologic offers various services such as calibration, onsite support, training, maintenance services and comprehensive and custom build applications especially for large scale guided assembly and quality inspection.

Metrologic is selected worldwide by fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium size companies.


  • Metrolog and Silma X4 I-Robot
    3D Robotic Inspection Software and Robotic Offline Simulation...

  • Metrolog X4 I-Robot is the most advanced, most user friendly Robotic 3D Inspection Software. Made for any robot and any measurement devices, it is designed with the user in mind as it offer one single graphic interface to control both the robot and the measurement tool. Metrolog X4 I-Robot provides unparalleled power for accessing large CAD models, acquiring and processing heavy Point Clouds and as such meets fast manufacturing cycle times. It allows fast, easy yet powerful programming capabilities for new parts or parts to modify and gives flexibility and control back to the operator.

    Control you robot as simply as your drive your CMM with Metrolog X4 I-Robot

    Silma X4 I-Robot is the complementary 100% offline programming engine with full cell creation, automatic path creation and optimization as well as anti collision capability.

    Metrolog and Silma X4 I-Robot are innovative 3D Inspection products that demonstrate Metrologic Group commitment to true Innovation that creates Performance and delivers better results for your company