MJC Engineering & Technology Inc

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 733

MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc. is the US leader in the development and manufacturing of CNC machine tools for chip-less metal forming.  MJC designs and builds custom CNC metal spin-forming  equipment.  Machines built by MJC are used by the aerospace, commercial and industrial components, pressure vessel manufacturing, and defense industries. 

MJC offers a wide range of machine tools on which many products can be manufactured.  Some examples  are, but not limited to: reflectors, ventilator parts, cooking pots, pans, bowls, tin cups, separator parts, tank bottoms, brake rams, high pressure gas bottles, Type I,II,III CNG cylinders, Jumbo cylinders, jet engine lipskin, Tapered rollers,  airbag housings, steel wheels for cars  and commercial vehicles, light alloy wheels for cars and trucks .

High technical expertise and innovative technical solutions, with close cooperation with customers, guarantee optimal results and solutions for production of required products.

MJC has its own  research and development department , where many unconventional metal forming solutions have been found.