RPM Innovations

Rapid City,  SD 
United States
  • Booth: 519

RPM Innovations, Inc. specializes in Laser Deposition Technology (LDT) and provides laser deposition systems, application development, manufacturing, and repair solutions for its customers. LDT is a blown powder process that is used to freeform parts direcltly from a CAD model, repair metal components typically considered non-repairable by conventional techniques, or strategically add features to forgings or castings. LDT deposits exhibit excellent material properties. These material properties, combined with the flexibility of the process, significantly lower overall production costs. When used for fabrication of prototypes and manufacturing, the LDT process greatly reduces product development time. The RPMI 557 laser system includes 5 axis motion with CNC controlled X/Y/Z axes and a tilt/rotate table. The 557 glove box is atmosphere controlled with a work envelop of 5 ft (1524 mm) in “X”, 5 ft (1524 mm) in “Y”, and 7 ft (2133 mm) in “Z”; allowing fabrication of large components with materials that are sensitive to atmospheric conditions.