Vision Engineering Inc

New Milford,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 652

Vision Engineering’s ergonomic technology has revolutionized stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems for 50+ years. Our products offer superior optics for inspecting small, critical components, and are used worldwide for accurate inspection and measurement. As pioneers in designing eyepiece-less microscopes, our ergonomics offers unrivaled operator benefits, increased productivity and reduced costs. 

The main benefits or our renowned Dynascope™ (eyepiece-less) technology is the reduction in user eye fatigue and neck strain. Unlike traditional microscopes, where the user is in a fixed working position, our patented design expands the exit pupil of the subject and offers the operator freedom of head and body position. This results in a significant reduction of fatigue and strain and helps to improve productivity, accuracy and a reduction in costs.

Our eyepiece-less technology is a key feature in our optical range of non-contact measurement systems. We offer optical, video, dual technology (optical and video), and automated systems. Each provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision parts, suitable for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications.