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Novi,  MI 
United States
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 Press Releases

  • The large Powermill machining center from Mecof, part of EMCO Group, provides users precision, high dynamics, operational flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in a massive travelling gantry 5-axis milling center. Powermill with its moving bridge structure, permits loading of large, heavy workpieces on the stationary work table from overhead or from either end of the machine, making it ideal for handling aerospace components. Simple overall design makes possible easy positioning, set up, and clamping of huge workpieces of practically unlimited weight.

    Users may specify travel in X/Y/Z: basically unlimited longitudinal, X-axis travel, and from 4,5,-6 and even 7 meters of Y- axis stroke with vertical ram stroke from 1.5 to 2.5 m plus several milling head options, automatic head exchange  systems are available to create a suitable solution for a wide range of large parts. Double CNC platforms on each column with vertical adjustment, 120 pocket or more tool changer, laser checking of tool and workpiece to assure precise setup, high pressure tool cooling system, volumetric compensation and more are available.  Axes feed rate is 30 m/min.

    The mechanical universal milling head provides 6000 rpm, 38 kW (S1), 1000 Nm (S1), or users can choose a milling head with a straight head or with high-Speed motorized spindles, or indexed or full 5-axis contouring milling heads, to suite the material being machined and the geometric shape.

    The Mecof machines are popular for aerospace machining as they are designed for the accurate production of assembly and lay-up tooling, long structural parts such as stringers, larger bulkheads and aircraft engine components such as discs and casings (through the application of rotary turning tables in front of or under the machine axes. Along with the EMCO turning machines, the company can offer a wide range of aerospace machining solutions from hydraulic components, actuators and even landing gear.

    The box-in-box structure of Mecof machines assures machine structure rigidity, supporting high precision work over long axis travels. The massive structure combined with agility allows flexible, productive machining of many different types of parts. 


  • Powermill
    Large moving bridge milling machine with unlimited longitudinal (X-axis) travels; 4,5,6 or 7 meters of cross (Y-axis) travel; 1.5,2 or 2.5 m of vertical (Z-axis stroke). A variety of accessory milling heads for high-torque or high-speed applications...

  • Moving bride-type milling machine for the machining of large work pieces, with a massive structure yet unique agility and flexibility ideal for the machining of lare aerospace structures, to job-shop applications for machining of aluminum, cast iron composites or steel alloys. Its simple and open design allows for easy and convenient work piece loading, clamping and positioning from anyside or from above.

    Several options and a wide range of systems complete the Powermill configuration: automatic head changer, double CNC operator platforms, 120-pocket tool changer, tool coolant system, measuring probes, vacuum system, guideways pressurization, pendular machining, etc.


  • MMV3200
    Medium sized, moving column milling machine with integral table available in 3, 4 or 5 axis executions....

  • Medium sized, moving column milling machine with integral table available in 3, 4 or 5 axis executions.
    Milling spindle: The machine is equipped with a liquid cooled motor spindle with compelling performance specs. At spindle speeds of 15000 rpms, a power rating of 46 kW, and a torque of 170 Nm, the machine is also suited for heavy-duty machining. A motor spindle 18000 rpm is available with HSK A63.
    Z-axis travel: In order to attain precision Z-axis rapid travel at speeds of 40 m/min, and due to its large mass, this axis is powered by two ball screw drives and two motors in a master-slave configuration. 
    y-axis: The Y-axis has a ram configuration. This design uses long way guides in order to attain the required rigidity. Its high precision is guaranteed by the motor installed direct drive on the screw.
    Machine frame: The machine bed is made of welded high quality steel. This ensures the required rigidity of the machine base, and also facilitates vibration dumping.
    X-axis: Equipped with rotating nut ballscrew and fixed screw. The positioning accuracy is guaranteed by the standard linear scale.
    Tool magazine: available with turret configuration on 3-, 4- and 5-axis version, or with alongside column configuration on 4- and 5-axis version. Tool change on turret configuration with dual arm grippers at the X-axis limit, with 40 tool stations (optional 80). Tool change on the alongside configuration fast and safe, all along the X-axis and at the extreme limit of the Z- and Y-axis. Up to 120 tool stations. An external tool changer „tower“ is available upon request.
    �  Flexible modular design �  Available as 3-, 4- or 5-axis version �  High-performance motor spindle �  Compact and attractive machine design �  Rigid design achieved through a closed box structure �  Solid machine base �  Rigid linear roller guides size 55 (X-axis) �  Direct driven ball screws on the Y- and  Z-axis, quiet operation �  X-axis with rotating nut ballscrew and fixed screw