Additive Engineering Solutions LLC

Akron,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 352

Additive Engineering Solutions (AES) is an advanced manufacturing company with Large Scale Additive Manufacturing capabilities. Our focus is on delivering complete tool and mold solutions for composite layups, trims tools, in and out of autoclave applications and more, at a reduced lead time and cost. AES is currently the only company in the world to be operating at this kind of scale utilizing a BAAM 3D Printer, with a print envelope of 12' x 5.5' and a 6' z-height. We also have a 10x20' 5-Axis CNC Router in-house as well as in the process of establishing a finishing and coatings department. Industries served: Aerospace & Defense, Marine, Automotive, & Power. 

 Press Releases

  • Additive Engineering Solutions is a new company offering Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Services for Composite Tools and Molds! Utilizing an Additively Manufactured tool or mold can save you time and money. 3D Printing molds can be much more conomical and in most all cases, much faster too. Some of the tools we procude are for compsite tooling, trim fixtures, vacuum molds, in and out of autoclave, and more. AES is the only company currently in the world who offers this kind of 3D Printing as a service, utlizing a Cincinnati BAAM 3D Printer. We separate ourselves by focusing on tool and mold making with in-house 5 Axis machining and coatings. If you want to know more about reducing lead times and costs for your tools and molds, check us out!