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Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection service company, providing NDT and metrology solutions using advanced imaging equipment. Our industrial CT scanningindustrial x-ray, and 3d scanning services allow manufacturers to make a qualified decision regarding their part at key stages throughout a product’s life-cycle, which includes pre-productionproductionfailure investigationsorting, and reverse engineering.

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  • To ensure part fidelity, the aerospace industry must comply with stringent quality control and validation requirements.

    Industrial CT scanning is the optimal non-destructive testing (NDT) method when it comes to inspecting low volume, high-value parts and assemblies. By introducing industrial CT scanning services into pre-production and offline production inspection stages, part manufacturers within the aerospace industry can reduce the time it takes to validate part requirements.

    Cracks, knit lines, inclusions, porosity and various other defects are detected instantly with industrial CT scanning, providing results in high resolution 3D. In addition to clear and accurate visual imaging, complex dimensional metrology projects can be performed flawlessly to satisfy all first article inspection and AS9102 Form 3 reporting requirements.

    Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s industrial CT scanning division has been performing complex part inspection projects for many suppliers in the aerospace industry. Our capacity to perform top notch part inspection projects for aerospace has allowed many part manufacturers reduce their costs during the pre-production and production stages of inspection. Our NDT services help streamline their part inspection projects effectively so they can move products to market faster.

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  • Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a specialized lab focused on providing internal part inspection services using industrial CT scanning equipment. As the industry leader in industrial CT scanning services, we pair each project with the right equipment every time to provide only the very best NDT & metrology results for the aerospace industry.

    Our industrial CT scanning services can be used at any stage of a part’s lifecycle: pre-production inspection, offline production inspection, failure analysis, part sorting, and reverse engineering of relic parts. We offer versatile capabilities and analyses suitable for aerospace inspection, including:

    • Porosity Analysis: CT analysis that can clearly identify internal porosity and cracks, quantified by volume and location of voids in 3D
    • Wall Thickness Analysis: Validation of wall stock in critical locations or thin wall sections
    • Part to CAD Comparison: Comparison of a scanned part with original CAD design, showing any deviations of internal and external geometries
    • Part to Part Comparison: Comparison of two scan datasets, revealing any deviations between two parts
    • Composite Analysis: Validation of high density fiber patterns and locations within a low-density resin
    • Reverse Engineering: Development of a CAD file with internal and external part features
    • First Article Inspection: Advanced dimensional measurements where AS9102 Form 3 reporting requirements can be validated nondestructively for pre-production and production aerospace parts

    Our unmatched data quality and resolutions are available with a wide range of energies ranging from 100kv to 3MEV. We have large vault chambers to accommodate most part inspection projects, with the ability to scan both large and micro parts of various dimensions and densities. We also offer LDA, digital flat panel, and CCD detectors of varying pixel pitches, along with barcode recording for a traceable and repeatable process.

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    About Jesse Garant Metrology Center

    Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection service company, with industry leading imaging services using industrial CT scanning, industrial radiography, and 3D scanning equipment. For more information, please contact 1-844-JGARANT or visit