Koma Precision Inc

East Windsor,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 5241

For over 35 years Koma Precision has been the foremost source for the finest the world has to offer in machine tool Productivity Innovation. With over 25,000 rotary table installations, Koma is the largest distributor of Tsudakoma NC rotary tables and indexers in the world. With over 10,000 angle heads and live tools installed, Koma is the world's largest supplier for Alberti. Our 25,000 sq. ft. facility features a completely equipped machine shop, state of the art inspection equipment, a product demonstration showroom, and a multi-million dollar new product and spare parts inventory. All Koma products are covered by a one year warranty and backed by a service department with experience and expertise second to none. Koma application engineers - with AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® 3D CAD support offer torque calculations and interference drawings at no-charge to ensure products purchased from Koma will be the best available for the required machining operations.


    For Koma Precision and Tsudakoma, 2017 heralds the arrival of the Tilt Ball Drive System Rotary Tables into the North American market....

  • KOMA Precision, Inc. introduces a new line of high accuracy, high rigidity, energy saving and zero maintenance rotary tables from Tsudakoma, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision rotary tables.   The RBS Series (Rotary Ball System) is a 4th axis rotary table series suitable for single axis VMC’s and the TBS Series (Tilt Ball System) is a 5th axis rotary table series suitable for dual axis use on VMC’s.

    These rotary tables are built using the new ball drive system featuring advantages like zero backlash, improved cycle times, energy conservation and a lifetime adjustment-free transmission system.

    Three new models are available for the RBS Series, with face-plate capacity of RBS-160 being 6.3" (160 mm), RBS-250 with 8.27" (210 mm) and RBS-320 with 10.04" (255 mm).  The TBS Series is being introduced with TBS-130 and TBS-160 models. Both the RBS and TBS Series tables are highly rigid and have increased clamp torque delivered by the new improved clamp system design. Various options such as chucks, tailstocks, support spindles, and faceplates are available.  Pneumatic and Hydraulic rotary joints for automatic load and unload of the work piece are also available.    

    The new Ball Drive System Technology features high speed indexing and zero backlash that result in shorter cycle times. This new technology also delivers the industries’ highest torque transmission efficiency.

    The new series of offset angle heads feature a combination of high pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased high speed option....

  • Introducing the new series of offset angle heads from Alberti – the manufacturer of high quality state-of-the-art angle heads. For over 35 years, Alberti has been providing the most innovative range of products that are extremely reliable and enable manufacturing in strict tolerances.

    The new series of offset heads feature a combination of high pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased RPM and high speed option. Another big advantage is the possibility of dry running during machining, something that wasn’t available in the past and gives tremendous value to the new TOP LINE range. These heads are a result of Alberti’s persistent research & development and attempt to deliver continuous improvement.

    All Alberti angle head spindles are manufactured from one solid piece of hardened steel that increases resistance to bending stress by 25%. This also enables the tools reach higher RPM without vibrations, thus resulting in higher speed and precision. The unique angular contact bearings ensure perfect concentricity and stability required to achieve higher performance of machining operations. The superior mechanical seals and gears are researched and developed at the Alberti Engineering and Technology Center. 

    The new E46L and E46L TW are tailored specifically to customer’s requirements of a powerful tool measuring system at a price point that no other solution can match....

  • The new models feature an increased measuring range up to 600mm on the Z Axis, a 22” HD touchscreen display along with optical autofocus and new electronic control. These models have been redesigned with a larger granite base for the best measurement accuracy and repeatability. 

    The high precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and utilizes a one piece cartridge with full mechanical tool clamping (pneumatically drawing the tool pull stud into the taper cone) - eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use. The E46L and E46L TW are also equipped with Elbo Controlli’s proprietary spindle-holder identification system (SP-ID). This technology enables the presetter to automatically identify the spindle holder after each replacement, eliminating operator error. 

    New for 2016 is Elbo Controlli’s advanced tool management software package. CNC machine origin management and adapters.  The intuitive user menu allows operators to quickly and easily measure and save tool data.  The software allows operators to create unique CNC machine origins and send offset information directly to the machine tool control. In addition, the software comes RFID ready to measure data to Balluff systems.