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DuBois has been serving customers since 1920.  Learn more about our newest solutions for:

  • Metal Forming & Cutting Fluids with Outstanding Lubrication Properties
    • Bactericide and Chlorine-Free Options
  • Process Cleaning & Rust Protection - Clean and Protect Your Parts with Confidence!
  • Heat Treating Chemicals - Heatbath Products include:
    • Heat Treating Salts
    • Quenchants
    • Stop-Off Protective Coatings
  •  Complete Offering for Metal Finishing
    • Acid Pickling
    • Aluminum Finishing
    • Black Oxide Finishing
    • Chromate Conversion Coatings
    • Heavy Zinc and Manganese Phosphate Coatings
  • Proven Paint and Powder Coating Pretreatment- Superior Paint Adhesion & Corrosion Resistance
    • Easy-to-Use Phosphate-Free Options
    • Experience Removing Laser Scale and Oxides
    • Automotive Approved Zinc Phosphate
  • Solutions for Part Hanging and Material Handling - Made in America
    • Standard and Custom Hooks - Quick Delivery
    • Paint Line Fixtures - Enhance Paint Line Efficiencies
    • Material Handling Carts - Protect Your Parts


  • AL-Brite LK
    AL-Brite LK is a blend of mineral acids and detergents designed to effectively clean, brighten, and remove weld burn and smoke from parts fabricated from aluminum. DuBois new product enables cleaning and brightening without etching or clouding....

  • If you manufacture aluminum trailers, boat docks, railings, ladders, storage containers or any product requiring welding aluminum and are looking to clean the carbon from the aluminum welds, while not etching or clouding the bright, shiny finish on the aluminum; consider AL-Brite LK   AK-Brite LK is a new blend of mineral acids and detergents designed to effectively clean, brighten, and remove weld burn and smoke from parts fabricated from aluminum.

    Key Properties

    • Enables cleaning and brightening without etching or clouding
    • Low fluoride content
    • Powerful cleaning detergents
    • Effective over wide concentration range
    • Easily rinsed 

    AL-Brite LK may be applied through acid-resistant foamers or low flow low pressure application equipment such as a garden sprayer or eductor spraying system. Use in well ventilated area if using pressure equipment for application.

    Contact DuBois today!  DuBois Technical Support Team is ready to help you with all of your metal fabrication and cleaning needs.

  • PERDRAW 9947
    A heavy duty emulsifiable oil compound which can handle a wide variety of metal forming and metal removal operations without the use of chlorine. Perdraw 9947 is a unique product which offers new technology to the industry....

  • PERDRAW 9947

    Chlorine-Free Heavy Duty Metal Forming Compound

    Perdraw 9947 forms a tight stable emulsion when mixed at 19:1 (water : oil).  The compound is able to handle even the most difficult cutting operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  When mixed as an invert paste at (2 or 3:1) it forms a free flowing paste which can handle difficult drawing applications even on stainless steel.  Perdraw 9947 is easily rinsed from the parts and provides excellent cooling for the dies.  The formula has proven to be capable of reliably forming cup shaped parts out of both brass and aluminum on high speed progressive die machinery.  Perdraw 9947 can successfully replace heavily chlorinated water emulsifiable oil products.  Additional benefits of chlorine-free fluids include:

    • Minimizing rust and corrosion on parts
    • Eliminating the potential for of hydrogen embrittlement on aluminum parts
    • Lower cost to dispose of waste
    • Less smoke and mist created
    • Easier to clean from parts