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United States
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For 75 years, Curbell Plastics with locations nationwide, has been providing quality plastic products including sheet, rod, tube, film, adhesives and tapes along with responsive service and innovative solutions.  Visit us to see our full line of engineering products such as Nylon, Acetal, UHMW, PEEK, Polycarbonate, Polyamide-imide and more! Put Us to Work - For You!™


  • Calendered SUSTAPEEK
    SUSTAPEEK high performance PEEK calendered sheets are available in thicknesses from 1 - 10mm. In stock - 3, 4, 5mm thickness, sheet size up to 1,000mm x 2,000mm. The thin gauge sheets reduce cost and save time in the production of systems and components....

  • Cost & Time Savings with New Calendered SUSTAPEEK Sheets
    Previously, thicker sheets had to be milled or machined down to obtain thinner gauged sheets – a time-consuming process. Our newly available gauges eliminate the need for milling or machining to achieve the desired thickness. The results are time and material savings and overall reduction of your manufacturing costs for your machined parts.

    Calendered SUSTAPEEK Product Features:
         • High heat resistance
         • Excellent resistance to high-energy radiation
         • Outstanding dimensional stability
         • Flame-retardant (UL 94/V0)
         • Very low smoke density
         • Meets FDA food conformity requirements


         • Thickness: from 1 mm – 10 mm
         • Size: up to 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm
         • Thickness: 3, 4, 5 mm
         • Size: up to 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm

    Typical Applications:

         • Electrical Industry
         • Semiconductor Industry
         • Aerospace Industry
         • Life Science Industry
         • Food processing Industry

  • Polystone® M AST-FDA
    Static dissipative FDA compliant UHMW can be machined into parts and components for direct food contact. Due to its antistatic properties the electrostatic surface charge is reduced, dust is not attracted, and no electrostatic discharge occurs....

  • Polystone® M AST-FDA can be easily machined into parts and components coming in contact with food. Due to its lower coefficient of friction and great sliding properties it is an excellent candidate to reduce noise levels in conveyor applications and requires less frequent cleaning reducing contamination in food processing environments.

    Polystone® M AST-FDA Product Features:
         • Electro static dissipative
         • FDA compliant
         • Reduces noise
         • Self-lubricating
         • Corrosion-resistant
         • No moisture absorption
         • Surface resistivity 105 to 109
         • High abrasion and wear resistance

         • Thickness: .25 in – 4 in
         • Size: 48 in x 96 in, 48 in x 120 in, 48 in x 240 in

    Typical Applications:

         • Auger housing
         • Chute liners
         • Fabricated components
         • Hopper liners
         • Vibratory feeder pans
         • Guide rails

  • Foamlite® P
    Foamlite® P polypro copoly has a foamed inner core making it 30% lighter than standard polypropylene. For tank covers, mobile cover hoods, waste water treatment containers and more. You can create an integrated hinge by cutting a 90° V notch into sheet....

  • The Foamlite® P material was produced with the overall goal being weight reduction. The foamed core of Foamlite® P provides a 30% reduction in weight over regular polypropylene. For a host of applications, this offers distinct cost benefits due to easier handling and new design possibilities. Foamlite® P can provide an "integrated hinge" by cutting a 90° degree V notch into the sheet surface.

    Foamlite® P Product Features:
         • Eco friendly
         • Cost saving
         • Low density
         • High bending strength
         • Good machining properties
         • Almost zero water absorption
         • Excellent weldability
         • High stiffness
         • High chemical resistance
         • Rot resistance

         • Thickness: 6 mm – 18 mm
         • Size: 3,050 mm x 2,000 mm
         • Colors: black, white, grey

    Typical Applications:

         • Tank covers
         • Mobile cover hoods
         • Waste water treatment containers