Cimquest Inc

Branchburg,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 5036

Cimquest Inc. offers a range of solutions for CAM, 3D printing, and reverse engineering/inspection applications. Since 1990, we have been a leading resource for Mastercam software, helping machine shops improve their processes and ultimately diminish costs. We additionally operate the largest 3D printing showroom in the Northeast.

Our products and services:

Mastercam – Software for 3-axis machining, multiaxis milling & turning, wire EDM, surface & solid modeling, and more.

3D Printer Hardware - Printers for conceptual & functional prototyping, manufacturing tooling, jigs & fixtures, end-use parts and more.

3D Printing Services - Using engineering grade thermoplastics, we can print professional-quality parts that will consistently hold up to tight tolerances.

Reverse Engineering/Inspection - 3D scanners, software, and services including First Article inspection of Molded and 3D Printed parts.

Wireless DNC Communication Solutions – Shop hardened CNC communication hardware & software

Custom Post Processors - Our full time dedicated post team develops an extensive library of custom posts, helping you to get your CNC machine up and running faster.


  • Creaform Scanners
    Creaform scanners offer optimal, portable solutions for metrology and reverse-engineering. Known for their speed, versatility, and ease of use, these scanners can play a vital role in your product development and inspection processes....

  • The GoScan! 3D is a handheld that delivers high-quality 3D models with reliable measurements. This scanner particularly excels at capturing both organic shapes and textures simultaneously, for example colors, skin tones, fabric and material patterns, and more. Some popular applications include human body and facial scanning, heritage preservation, arts & architecture, computer graphics, and visual effects.

    The Handy Scan 3D provides high resolution scans of mechanical parts at tolerances up to 0.030 mm. It features 7 lasers that produce a highly detailed point cloud from physical parts and assemblies. Its ergonomic design and light weight of less than 2 pounds permits freedom of movement, which means you can scan both small and large parts alike. And its high meaure rate of 480,000 measures/s makes it one of the fastest scanners on the market.

  • 3D IRIS - Rapid Inspection Scanning
    Cimquest’s proprietary 3D IRIS Technology scans the internal and external features of injection molded parts for first article inspections. This solution can help provide increased data for mold development while minimizing costly tool grooming....

  • The IRIS unique 3D Cross Sectional Scanning process produces a highly accurate three dimensional point cloud which is ready for analysis. The system scans your part one ultra-thin layer at a time, generating millions of data points while accurately reproducing the internal and external surfaces of your part. Benefits include:

    • Accurate, complete 3D data; inside and out.

    • A permanent record of your entire part, as


    • The ability to scan multiple parts in a single


    • Complete your part analysis in days instead

    of weeks.

    • Interrogate any feature at any time (when

    combined with Spec.Check™ software).

    • Generate ASCII point clouds that are

    compatible with 3D color mapping software

    (Cimquest, Inc. carries the full line of

    Geomagic analysis software)

    • Dramatic reduction in time to market.

  • Mastercam 2018
    Cimquest is a leading reseller of Mastercam and feel free to stop by our booth for live demos. With the upcoming release of 2018, you can gain access to all of the new enhancements like new 2D/3D milling features and expanded CAD for CAM...

  • Mastercam delivers software tools for 2-axis machining, multiaxis milling and turning, wire EDM, router applications, free-form artistic modeling and cutting, 3D design, drafting, surface and solid modeling.