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BURKHARDT+WEBER manufactures CNC machines in Reutlingen, Germany. Our Total Quality Commitment is reflected in everything we do. Over 125 years handed down experiences in machine tool building is the base for our team of professional experts. State of the art proven technologies and ongoing training programs secure expertise, craftsmanship, and efficiency. The sound engineering or our products lead to top-quality brand recognition and exceptional product qualities:

  • Horizontal Machining Centers, in 4-axis, or 5-axis configurations, tailored to your needs.
  • Table Type Boring Mills, Multitasking Machines and Special CNC Machinery offer you more reliable flexibility.
  • Standard or ultra precision machine concepts, for stand-alone or flexible manufacturing system applications, also for turnkey installations.

Strong. Precise. Customized. Digital.

Our machines and methods offer future oriented flexibility.

Customized to fit your top productivity expectations.

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  • Long term planning is the norm for capital investments at the value of today's large CNC machines. BURKHARDT+WEBER is offering customers with interest in working together for a machine delivery after the IMTS 2018 a special savings incentive. The requirment: Teamwork and Confidentiallity. See us at our booth to discuss if your project is a match for this limited opportunity.


  • NEW 24” Multi-Touch Operator Panel
    Next-Gen 24” multi-touch panel, 3 display areas & smart software features for perfect operator control. Parallel view CNC screen, cutting video, and other functions. Streamlined operator, maintenance & service tasks benefit spindle up-time & productivity...

  • Smart Manufacturing depends on modern visualization tools. It starts at the new BURKHARDT+WEBER 24” BW-Multi-Touch Operator Panel. Modern CNC control functionality, video monitoring features, networking, and integrated maintenance, or diagnostic tools, or online documentations help you achiving more effective in-cut times.

    • Touch screen or keyboard
    • Fully enclosed operator contols with 24" display
    • Three overrides shorten part run-off, process recovery and quality checks
    • Three touch-screen areas for combined or individual displays uses
    • Software functionality betters operating, maintenance, and diagnostic tasks
    • Example: Manuals are viewed and quickly searched while keeping full process control
    • Networking to access company manufacturing data
    • Visual tools shorten process monitoring and quality checks
    • Height adjustment and swivel improve operator safety and convenience
    • Eaxy to keep clean, heavy duty, scratch resistant glass surface withstands the plant environment

    A perfect fit for today’s smart manufacturing, the 24” Smart-Panel puts you in control, fast. For more, please see us at our booth.

    BURKHARDT+WEBER - The money-making machines.

  • Variable Matrix Style Tool Storage
    Feature upgrades:
    more tool weight capacity
    larger low cost tool storage
    field-variable storage layout
    tool migration options
    adaptable to all tool types
    smart for today's IoT and networking
    already field proven...

  • New 2017 BURKARDT+WEBER machines are equipped with an upgraded

    Variable Matrix Style Tool Handling.

    Feature upgrades of the tool magazine and tool handling system deliver more universal flexibility with BURKHARDT+WEBER machines. First introduced into the world market in 1986 this industry leading tool management design has undergone many revisions and upgrades since. While maintaining its innovative and direction setting features, it is greatly benefitting the overall machining economics, the universal machine uses, and the overall flexibility. The design is proven since decades and all new upgrades have undergone already field testing in production uses to maintain the extremely reliable concept.

    The new benefits increase the overall tool storage capacity, for tools and machining heads weighting up to 75kg (163 lbs). The variable matrix style tool storage is highly economical, compact and field adaptable to handle changing tool requirements within two basic sizes for up to 608 tools. Your engineering changes or new product introductions, or changing orders for job shops can demand increased tool volumes or a change of tool sizes or more tool types needed, outside the capacity installed. The BURKHARDT+WEBER concept allows a cost-effective field expansion of the tool storage, or a modification to the automatic tool handling capabilities to the new requirements while maintaining capacity for boring diameters of up to 900 mm (35.4 inch). Factory assistance is not demanded, even when the machine is already delivered. In addition, options for handling extra-long tools with up to 1,200mm in length make any BURKHARDT+WEBER machine ultra-flexible.

    And the overall networking features for today's smart manufacturing are also provided, and options for tool migration with external tool storage are offered.

    The upgraded design features provide for a wider range of angular heads, special tooling, like feed out boring bars or facing heads, or deep hole drilling tools. More tools are economically stored at the machine, ready for use to keep the machine cutting.

    Full tool management features, like sister tools, automatic tool data loading, and tool forecasting together with safe, operator friendly tool loading add to your productive spindle cutting time. And the large tool weight capacity eliminates manual tool handling requirements, freeing up operator attention, while adding capabilities for unattended machining.

    Please visit our Booth at the Houstex 2017 to learn about the details, the limits and your benefits of this extraordinary BURKHARDT+WEBER design.

    BURKHARDT+WEBER - The money-making machines.

    5-axis horizontal machining center for high speed multi-plane machining, incl. 3D-contouring. Rigidity and ultra-precision. 52kW spindle power. 1000x1000mm pallets, 1,600mm swing, 1600mm Z-axis reach. Great for hard metal machining e.g. Titanium alloys....


    Rigidity only a 5-axis concept with rotating and tilting table can provide. Long tool reach with 1,600mm Z-Axis travel and 1,600mm part swing result to a large work envelope. A convincing argument especially in combination with the BW standard tool managment solution. The full range of BURRKHARDT+WEBER's (BW) automation options, include micron-precision features. Togther with the solid tool support at the spindle your can count on an exceptional return of investement. Fast inspection and elimination of manual interventions is the norm the BW customization benefits bring to the process, keeping the spindle cutting at the highest level. See us at our booth to review what advantages we can bring to you hard metal machining, like for Titanium alloys, keeping you ahead of your global competion in this high labor cost market.

    BURKHARDT+WEBER - The money making machines.