Accurex Measurement Inc

Swarthmore,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 3124

Accurex specializes in 3D scanning, coordinate measurement, and optical gauging systems. Our products are developed for specific applications such as inspection of complex surfaces, tube inspection, gap and flush measurement, vehicle crash testing and deformation measurement. These high accuracy systems use optical and laser technology to collect data quickly and provide immediate feedback.


  • Lynx
    LYNX is an industrial vision modular system to service quality control that significantly reduces required control time. Lynx is an automated hardware/software solution that eliminates the need for manual verification....

  • Accurex Measurement (Swarthmore, PA) is now offering a large volume, vision inspection system called Lynx. This pass-fail system is essential when inspecting welded attachment points, brackets, and other features. This removes the need to check each component individually, eliminating the need for manual verification and counting. Lynx detects any deviations of shape, number, color, mounting, presence, quality and much more. Lynx can check proper location and orientation up to 1,500 components per hour at a range up to 10 meters.
    Lynx is ideal for checking large complex components such as airframe sections or jet engine assemblies.  Multiple Lynx systems can be used to inspect several areas at the same time, increasing speed and efficiency.  Any nonconforming areas are immediately flagged for the operator while producing automated reports. A simple programming method allows the user to select specific items that should be checked.