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In an accelerated world, a quick response to market needs is necessary.  As a pioneer in innovation, Tungaloy leads the market in developing unique and powerful grades and geometries for this new era.  TUNGFORCE, the newest line of products is designed for accelerated machining, bringing you the newest and greatest solutions for your machining needs.  TUNGFORCE is the largest introduction of innovative new products in Tungaloy’s 86 year history.  TUNGFORCE products will be on display at Houstex, Booth #1515.

 Press Releases

  • Tungaloy continues to expand its innovative product offerings with the recent high profile, global launch of the company’s TUNGFORCE campaign. The TUNGFORCE launch was the largest introduction of innovative new products in Tungaloy’s 86 year history. All TUNGFORCE products will be on display at IMTS. A few are revealed below.

    Miniature/MiniForceTurn – These innovative double-sided, positive inserts are securely locked into their toolholder by means of a dovetail, providing very robust and rigid clamping. The inserts are designed to replace traditional CCMT, DCMT and VBMT type positive inserts. Not only do they offer beneficial double sided economy, but the new inserts remarkable performance far exceeds that of traditional products. These innovative tools are ideal for Swiss type machining, for general engineering applications and for automotive market sector’s use.

    Grooving/TetraForce-Cut – Precision grooving inserts with four cutting edges. These innovative tools are capable of directional parting off, flat bottom grooving and full radius grooving. The inserts feature chip breakers suitable for all materials, making this product ideal for the general machining and small parts machining industries.

    MillQuadFeed- Tungaloy is an acknowledged pioneer in high feed milling. To complement its market leading DoFeed line of high feed products, Tungaloy has introduced MillQuadFeed. This workhorse achieves incredible metal removal rates with feed rate capabilities of 0.078” (2mm) per tooth and depth of cut capabilities of 0.98” (2.5mm) with additional large ramping capabilities. MillQuadFeed is ideal for most machining sectors, although it is ideal for use in die and mold, heavy industries, forgings, oil and gas, aerospace and general machining.

    DoForce-Tri-  Building on the worldwide market success of Tungaloy’s 90 degree, shoulder milling category leader, Tung-Tri, Tungaloy has introduced a double sided version, now offering 6 cutting edges. The impressive free cutting nature of the inserts allows large depths of cut. The new inserts are available in wiper type, radius type and chip splitter type geometries. This versatile tool is applicable for use in all machining industries.

    TungForce-Rec-  This mini shoulder milling line offers a unique shaped miniature insert with a robust clamping mechanism. TungForce-Rec produces high wall accuracy and good surface finish while providing the advantage of running at high feed.  Inserts are available in standard chipbreakers and the specially designed chipbreakers for aluminium. The cutters range from 0.313” (8mm) diameter, making this tool a great alternative to solid carbide end mills.

    DrillForce-Meister- In a quest to further accelerate holemaking operations, Tungaloy introduced the DrillForce-Meister. This innovative tool, designed for large diameter drilling 1.024” – 1.614” (26 – 41mm) diameter, offers two effective teeth, double that of indexable drills. DrillForce-Meister reduces cycle times by half. These drills offer a quick change insert that can be indexed accurately, thus providing reliable machining repeatability and reducing machine downtime.


  • TetraForceCut
    Expansion of TetraForceCut with STCR/L-CHP Toolholder for High Pressure Internal Coolant Supply....

  • Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of TetraForceCut, the grooving tool series with 4 cornered inserts: the STCR/L-CHP toolholder with a coolant hole for high pressure internal coolant supply. (Max. 2,000 PSI)

    The new STCR/L-CHP toolholder delivers ample coolant to the optimum position of the cutting edge through the coolant hole, achieving stable and long tool life. While improvements will be seen with normal pressure coolant, the STCR/L-CHP toolholders will show more significant chip control and removal with high pressure coolant.

  • MillQuadFeed
    MillQuadFeed - The Powerful High Feed Milling Cutter with Improved Metal Removal Rate....

  • Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce MillQuadFeed, the new high feed milling cutter.

    MillQuadFeed is the high feed milling cutter of the new generation that, with the depth of cut up to 0.098” (2.5mm) and the feed rate up to 0.078” (2.0mm) per tooth, accomplishes astounding metal removal rates in rough milling operation.  During heavy rough milling, insert lift up and cutting edge fracture are common causes for premature tool failures.  However, due to the MillQuadFeed’s innovative engineering design, such as rigid insert clamping system, the unique wavy cutting edge design, and the large T-land on the cutting edge, superior machining stability and fracture resistance are achieved. The perfectly designed multi angle flank side of the insert will reduce chatter and provide superior ramping capability, making this cutter an excellent milling tool for various roughing applications.

    Cutter diameters available in D2.50”-6.00” (and in metric sizes D50-160mm) in bore type; and inserts in SWMT1506–MJ.  Two grades are available: New, fracture resistant AH3135 for steel and stainless steel; and wear resistant AH120 for cast iron and hardened steel.

  • DoForce-Tri
    DoForce-Tri - Cost Effective Shoulder Milling Cutter...

  • Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce DoForce-Tri, the new shoulder milling cutter that provides highly economical and precise machining.

     In today’s advanced processing technology, more and more components are made with complex and difficult to produce features. Tool interference with fixturing is common during milling operations. To help with this issue, shoulder mills are becoming a popular choice in milling operations due to their versatility for face milling, profiling, and shouldering operations.

    DoForce-Tri is the perfect choice for all milling operations, featuring a double sided insert with 6 cutting edges. Three types of inserts are available to meet the needs of many different jobs – a standard wiper insert with an MJ chipbreaker on true 90-degree cutting edges or with an NMJ chipbreaker on serrated cutting edges; as well as a radius insert with an MJ chipbreaker on large round corners for edge toughness instead of wipers.

     With a superb combination of face mill and shoulder mill capabilities, DoForce-Tri can deliver an excellent machined surface using a wiper insert, can reduce cutting force with a serrated insert, and can achieve remarkable wall accuracy with a straight cutting edged insert. 

     The cutter bodies come in both a shank type in ø1.25”- ø1.50” (*ø32-40 mm) and a bore type in ø2.00”- ø5.00” (*ø50-125 mm) respectively, available for coarse or close pitched designs. The rich line up of the DoForce-Tri series gives powerful flexibility and adaptability to almost any milling situation.