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Visual Knowledge Share Ltd (VKS) is a software development company that provides a solution - the VKS application - to help businesses digitally document their best practices while growing their profitability, productivity, and quality.

The mission of VKS is to offer a solution that helps manufacturing companies in any industry reach groundbreaking levels of productivity by maximizing quality with clear, relevant and precise work instructions, real-time production data and many more time-saving benefits. Efficient work methods start with VKS!

With the VKS app, one can create and share work instructions that are visual and intuitive. Available in formats such as annotated pictures, videos, audio and more, work instructions are displayed in successive and clear steps in a user-friendly environment.

Your best procedures are documented in order to keep your tribal knowledge in-house, independently of staff turnover. Your shop floor personnel will have immediate access to the best knowledge available, and with less training will be able to produce goods of excellent quality.

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  • (Jan 10, 2017)



    Visual Software Share (VKS) is a powerful digital work instructions solution that helps companies boost their productivity by standardizing their best practices and maximizing the quality of their products. VKS is also a paperless solution that keeps knowledge in-house while making employees' training more intuitive and effective.


    CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions is the manufacturer that developed VKS for industries that are facing challenges such as increasingly complex products and processes, lack of standardization, and knowledge loss due to an aging workforce and high turnover; all of which contribute to productivity failures and expensive quality issues. These issues can now be settled with the VKS solution as results have shown that VKS can increase productivity by 20%, reduce defects by 95% and provide 100% traceability while doing so. VKS can also enhance employee flexibility, reduce training time and generate more overall revenue for today’s smart factories. These are just a few of the many benefits your company can get with VKS.


    VKS helps companies to become smart factories by leveraging the latest advances in Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Smart factories use data exchange and automation in manufacturing technologies such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing. With VKS, facilities can connect their factory and systems for a seamless communication of data in real-time! ERP Integration, Machine Connectivity and more!


    As you can see, the future is here and the hype is real! Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, The Internet of Things (IoT)... We live in an exciting era where technology helps industries reach new heights of performance by promoting intelligent, productive and profitable work methods. Experience the #1 digital work instructions solution on the market with VKS! Present in over 30 countries with clients operating in various industries, VKS is the digital work instructions solution your company needs to achieve its business goals!


    Visual knowledge Share Ltd. (VKS)
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