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iSQUARED - Refill Material and Services for Stratasys FDM and Polyjet 3D Printer

iSQUARED, with its Headquarter in  Switzerland and Logistics facilities in USA, is specialised in sales and development for high quality Refill materials for the 3D Printing industry, especially for Stratasys FDM and Polyjet technologies.

iSQUARED is focussed on high quality products and customer value, with the use of generic consumables customers can save up to 50% when compared to equivalent OEM products.

For Stratasys FDM Dimension, uPrint and Fortus 3D Printer iSQUARED’s ABS X-TREME products  can be used with 100% confidence. The iSQUARED ABS X-TREME DX130-NAT Model material can be used in the Stratasys ABS P430 (340-21200) on a Dimension SST1200es, for example. On Fortus FDM 3D Production 3D Printer the iSQUARED ABS X-TREME FX130-NAT can be used as an alternative to the OEM ABS M30 Ivory (311-20000).

For Stratasys / Objet 3D Printer iSQUARED offers its Patent Pending Polyjet support material. The iSQUARED JT-S014 Support material can be used as an replacement material for Objet SUP705 / SUP706 of the FullCure Serie on Connex, Eden, Objet30 Polyjet 3D Printer.