Additive Industries

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Additive Industries will bring industrial additive manufacturing/3D printing for selected high tech markets (aerospace, defence, medical, high tech, automotive) from lab to fab. Additive Industries is an OEM of dedicated industrial grade additive manufacturing equipment & -systems for direct printing of functional parts. 


  • MetalFAB1 Process & Application Development Tool
    MetalFAB1 Process & Application Development Tool - an entry model for process development & prototyping....

  • The MetalFAB1 Process & Application Development Tool is an entry model for process development & prototyping. Its compact footprint and competitive price point help first time users to gain experience with metal additive manufacturing before scaling for series production. The modular architecture, typical for the MetalFAB1 system family, allows for upgrading to a full size MetalFAB1 system later. The technology and build volume (420 x 420 x 400 [mm]) are identical to the larger size systems for series production. 

    The MetalFAB1 Process & Application Development Tool is Additive Industries' latest addition to the MetalFAB1 range of machines. The MetalFAB1 uses powder bed fusion with up to four lasers. In addition to the core 3D print process, heat treatment, automated build plate handling and can be integrated into one industrial grade production system. In industrial applications, reproducibility of the core 3D printing process is assured by a solid machine design in combination with a smart calibration strategy. Predictability is achieved by combining simulation and in-process quality controls with the core additive manufacturing process.

    MetalFAB1 was developed by a team of highly experienced engineers with a background in 3D printing complemented with high-tech equipment developers of semiconductor, electron microscopy and medical scanning systems. Open innovation has led to a new and distinctive system architecture based on well-proven concepts and efficient application of functional building blocks from robotics, lithography and other opto-mechatronical systems.