Added Scientific

United Kingdom
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Added Scientific’s expertise is deeply-rooted in the fundamental science that has helped underpin advances in current Additive Manufacturing technology. Our staff have worked with almost every industry imaginable for nearly 25 years giving Added Scientific the agility and flexibility to help industries adopt and integrate the technology into their business effectively.    

We have access to both commercially available and bespoke AM & 3DP equipment with unrivalled knowledge and technical expertise which enables us to provide tailored services to our clients. We specialise in consultancy and technical services right across the AM ecosystem; in the development of new materials and processes for AM; in the provision of services and software tools for the design, modelling and simulation of components for AM; for economic perspectives and cost models for AM processes; and also in  training and education to up-skill your workforce.

Added Scientific provide the independent and credible source of technical and business services for those currently involved in AM & 3DP or for those seeking to understand how it will impact their business or industry.  

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MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
We work with the pharmaceutical and medical industries to help develop AM processes and materials to manufacture pharmaceutical dosage forms and advanced design methodology for next generation prosthetics and medical devices.