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MarkAny is the world leader in diverse business areas from enterprise DRM, document forgery prevention to content security solution with base of digital forensic watermarking and DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. Over the last 18 years since our establishment in 1999, MarkAny, recognized by a number of awards and certificates, took a pride in winning three presidential awards for our continued contributions to the growth of Korea’s IT industry. Furthermore, MarkAny has facilitated the era of Korea's e-government by its innovative security solution for document and digital certificate issued by governmental and financial sectors. Around the globe, MarkAny’s customer - oriented service approach brings remarkable accomplishments of solution deployment to more than 3,500 organizations from government agencies and a number of renowned enterprises. For next generation technology, MarkAny’s innovation continues to extend to data security for IPR Protection and secure delivery environment of 3D Printing, CAD and Interactive AR/VR content.

 Press Releases

  • MarkAny Presents PDM/CAD Security Solution with Kernel Level Encryption​

    MarkAny has presented ‘3D CAD SAFER’, a PDM/CAD security solution which is applied kernel level encryption. It is aiming to target the drawing security market.

    This solution enables to support encryption faster and safer by implementing file encryption inside the kernel mode instead of user mode. Also it is applied DRM functions such as access control, screen capture prevention, clipboard print prevention and watermark.

    Especially, DRM agency login is unnecessary because the solution has interfaced PDM account and DRM account. And the DRM policy automatically changes based on PDM policy in real time. By this solution, enterprise can proceed their works with the encrypted files and protect their assets from possible leakage threats. Also it provides log-analysis, statistics and verification functions.

    John Choi, CEO of MarkAny announced that “Through many years of supporting technology leakage prevention, today MarkAny supports all kinds of CAD programs such as Autodesk, Dassault system, PCT, Seimens and etc. By contracting more technical partnership with other manufacturers, we will solidify our position in the global drawing security market.”

  • MarkAny has presented a 3D printing security strategy for the industry 4.0. 

    MarkAny has presented a 3D printing security strategy for the industry 4.0. MarkAny 3D printing content security solution includes DRM for access control, digital forensic for knowledge rights and forgery prevention and THz scan for detecting original information from the 3D print.

    MarkAny has been preparing 3D printing content security technology with the government since 2015. And now MarkAny is planning to finish the technical development and apply the solution to national defense and aerospace industries until 2018. 

    Today, aerospace industry is already use 3D printing technology to enhance productivity. In the same time, drones designed by 3D printing are being suggesting as a future strategic weapon. Because leaked 3D design can turn into national core technology leakage, so security plan are being required these days.

    Furthermore, 3D design falsifying and 3D printer hacking issues in IoT environment are being pointed as a serious threat. For example, hackers could falsify the print value and cause secondary accident by hacking the 3D printer.

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MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
MarkAny’s 3D Printing SAFER and 3D CAD SAFER are the innovative security solution to protect your 3D assets and further realize safe and collaborative working environment by secure internal and external exchange of 3D assets.