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Additive Manufacturing of Biodegradable Photopolymers and Ceramics
At this year’s RAPID conference, Lithoz presents its latest material developments for the for the medical industry.
Lithoz engages in the development of biocompatible materials such as alumina and zirconia which are suitable for the generation of permanent implants due to their good mechanical properties and their inertness.  Lithoz is also developing bioresorbable ceramics like tricalcium phosphate or hydroyappatite as well as bioresorbable photopolymers. Those materials can be resorbed by the body and do not require mechanical removal after the healing process. Hence, new solutions for medical problems can be developed with the LCM-process developed by Lithoz. Take the opportunity at this year’s RAPID to see numerous parts which have been fabricated using the LCM-technology to show the countless application possibilities with this manufacturing process. 

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MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
PNEUMATIC INTRACARDIAC-CATHEDER-PUMP WITH HIGH-PERFORMANCE CERAMICS: After a heart surgery or a cardiac infarction the heart needs support to pump the blood. This novel approach developed by the Vienna University of Technology and Vienna Medical University is made of ceramic and is driven by helium gas. Together with an already existing balloon, which ensures that the coronary vessels are provided with enough blood, the pump is inserted via a catheter and no electrical power supply is necessary.