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United Kingdom
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POLYGONICA is the Polygonal Solid Modeling Toolkit from MachineWorks Ltd.

Polygonica carries out a wide range of geometric operations on STL models such as automatic solid healing, fixing self-intersections and other Boolean operations. Other algorithms in Polygonica allow remeshing, simplification, offsetting and point cloud manipulation.

Built on MachineWorks' core technology for material removal and machine simulation, Polygonica unique polygonal modeling technology, takes its advantage from 23 years of development and successful implementation in the CNC industry.

Polygonica has a wide range of applications, particularly in the fast-growing fields of additive manufacturing and 3D scanning where there is a requirement to solve complex polygon modeling problems when handling defective models with vast numbers of polygons. However it can also be applied to industries such as CFD/FEA meshing, CAD/CAM/CAE, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploring, urban modeling and other 3D digital applications.




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MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
Polygonica can cut the production time for prosthetics through its ability to rapidly and automatically fix complex STL models for example, Renishaw AM250 laser melting machines use Polygonica software to make dental frameworks and medical implants and prostheses in a range of metals with highly complex geometries.