Plural Additive Manufacturing

Lake Oswego,  OR 
United States
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Versatile Industrial Production 3D Printing

Our 3ntr printers are engineered to produce superior quality parts in a wide range of engineering thermoplastics and feature:

Three extruders for greater design flexibility - print in multiple materials and multiple colors to bring your products to life.

Heated, HEPA filtered, temperature-controlled chamber & liquid-cooled printhead combine to provide precise dimensional accuracy for truly functional prototypes and end-use parts.

Large build platform (up to 610 x 315 x 500mm) allows for production of large parts or multiple parts at a time.

Current* certified materials: nPower (PPS), ABS, ASA, PCABS, NylonCarbon, PETG, iGlide, TPU, Soluble, Breakaway, and Water-Soluble Support

And we do it all affordably - we have seen how using our system can save companies up to 70% over their current cost-per-part model.

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*New materials are continually being tested - contact us for more information


  • 3ntr Printing Platform A2/A4
    Plural announces the North American debut of the 3ntr A2 and A4 thermoplastic industrial 3D printers. The printers offer an enclosed, temp controlled chamber, a bed size up to 24" x 13" x 19.5", 3 nozzles, HEPA filtration, print server, and more....

  • The advanced printers unleash the promise of 3D printing to provide cost-effective end-use parts, jigs and fixtures as well as rapid prototyping by delivering industrial grade, replicable manufacturing accuracy using open design and open sourced, multi-materials printing. 

    Manufactured by 3ntr, the technology leverages years of research and development in automation, synthetic fibers processing and standard and micronized polymers.  The printers address the void between high-end industrial printers that deliver accuracy but require proprietary materials and cost-effective desktop printers that do not yet offer highly accurate or repeatable parts.

    A2 and A4 Design for Additive Manufacturing:

    • Unparalled Design Freedom

    Widest range of open, certified thermoplastics

    3 nozzles for multi-material printing

    • Superior Prototyping

    Large print bed 24” x 13.77” x 19.5”

    Heated and temperature controlled chamber

    • Cost-effective Production

    Cost savings exceed 50%

    High quality repeatable parts

    Plural AM provides manufacturers, materials developers, research and development labs, software companies and service providers with additive manufacturing solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

 Additional Info

MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
Working in concert with a leading global specialty chemicals company, Plural and our engineering partner Sof-Tek have just developed the world's first oxygen-free printing environment for specialty medical materials research, development and production. Formal announcement coming in March 2017!