Admatec Europe BV

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Admatec is dedicated to provide additive manufacturing solutions for high demanding applications and markets. With the revolutionary ADMAFLEX technology, we offer customers the ability to shape ceramics and metals from single piece to large scale productions. The ADMAFLEX process delivers strong performing materials using patented 3D printing technology. Based in the Netherlands, Admatec  is located in a unique high-tech engineering environment, allowing to develop processes that include the full supply chain while recognizing the flexibility that the user expects.


  • ADMAFLEX 130
    A 3D printer shaping high dense ceramic components through the ADMAFLEX technology....

  • High-speed precision printing of 3D ceramics

    The ADMAFLEX 130 is suited for precision printing of fully dense (>98%) technical ceramic components. Its advanced patented technology enables printing at speeds up to 10-15 mm p/hour, while an innovative material reconditioning system minimizes waste to none. The integrated full HD LED powered light engine allows for large surface printing without compromising resolution, to produce even the smallest sized features in full detail. Through an adaptive touch screen the user has layer to layer control and the system’s UV protective housing fully optimizes the 3D printing process of ceramics. This ADMAFLEX technology will drive change in many markets, as it can be applied to, for example; prototyping, medical implants, investment casting, micro reactors, medical devices, dental industry and aesthetical purposes.