Concept Laser Inc

Grapevine,  TX 
United States
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Concept Laser manufactures 3D metal printers that enable freedom to design and build fully-dense metal applications in any material, in any size. We serve various industries with our primary customers in aerospace, automotive, toolmaking and mold construction, medical, dental, jewelry and education. There is also an extensive network of service bureaus that use our 3D metal printers for rapid prototyping.

Our line of 3D metal printers is strengthened by more than 180 granted and pending patents. The machine portfolio includes build envelopes ranging from one of the smallest on the market to the largest in the world. Multiple lasers are used in several of our models to enable high throughput. Our portfolio also contains a comprehensive list of software and services that ensure product quality and open parameters. Concept Laser’s machines print a variety of reactive and non-reactive metals, from steels to alloys to pure titanium and precious metals, with typical thickness ranging from 20 to 100 micrometers.

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  • M Line Factory
    The M LINE Factory is a modular metal additive printing machine that decouples part production from setup and dismantling processes, such that these processes can take place in tandem, rather than sequentially....

  • The M LINE Factory is the foundation of our vision for the “AM Factory of Tomorrow” and is anchored on the principles of automation, interoperability, and digitization.

    This new architecture consists of 2 independent machine units: The M LINE Factory PRD and M LINE Factory PCG:

    M LINE Factory PRD

    This is the production unit and consists of 3 modules: dose module, build module, and overflow module. All of these can be individually activated and do not form one continuous unit. These modules are transported via a tunnel system inside the machine. For example, when new powder is supplied, the empty powder storage module can be automatically replaced by a new module without interrupting the build process. Finished jobs can be moved outside of the machine and automatically replaced to resume operations immediately.

    M LINE Factory PCG

    This is an independent processing unit which has an integrated sieving station and powder management. Unpacking, preparations for the next build job and sieving take place in a self-contained system without the operator being in contact with the powder.

    The M LINE Factory truly presents an unprecedented level of automation and flexibility.

 Additional Info

MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
From quick-turn prototyping to large-scale series production, Concept Laser printers are becoming a standard solution for medical manufacturers. Our 3D metal printers enable the production of complex, trabecular, bio-analogous structures for enhanced osseo- and vascular integration. LaserCusing® gives the manufacturer the capability to produce highly customized implants, foam, or lattice structures that are specific to a patients needs.