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Carbon is a Silicon Valley-based company working at the intersection of hardware, software and molecular science, allowing partners to go beyond basic prototyping to start producing at scale. Carbon’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology coupled with its SpeedCell™ system, which includes its breakthrough M1 printer, M2 printer, and Smart Part Washer enables previously impossible designs, from single-part combinations of complex assemblies to un-moldable and un-millable geometries like lattices, while also minimizing the tooling and prototyping stages of the design process to go directly to production. Manufacturers can now cost-effectively and quickly introduce new products, produce localized products for specific markets, provide inventory on-demand, and explore a breadth of other business models. Additionally, Carbon’s range of materials set it apart from other additive manufacturing solutions by providing the unique combination of high-resolution, smooth-surface finish, and excellent mechanical properties, whether producing one part or one million. Learn More at


  • SpeedCell™
    SpeedCell™ is a system of securely connected products designed to upend traditional methods of manufacturing, empowering designers and manufacturers to invent the products and businesses of the future....

  • The first components of the SpeedCell™ include two new products that provide a powerful solution for additive manufacturing at scale: The M2, a robust, industrial-grade 3D printer built with manufacturers in mind; and the Smart Part Washer that enables optimal cleaning and easy finishing of parts. The SpeedCell™ can also be used with the M1, Carbon’s first printer in its M Series.

    M2 Printer -

    • 2x Build Volume - The M2 features twice the build volume as the M1, allowing for larger parts, higher throughput, and lower part cost, all with the same high resolution pixels (75 µm) and isotropic prints as Carbon’s pioneering M1 printer.

    • Manufacturing Ready & Extensible - M2 features high reliability hardware, the Carbon Connector expansion port for smart accessories, and compatibility with workflow automation

    • Next-Gen Software & Predictive Service - Carbon’s modern software brings our hardware and materials together into a powerful, easy-to-use system and enables our industry-leading predictive service.

    Smart Part Washer -

    • Maximized Part Quality & Yield - With optimized wash protocols, every part is consistently cleaned with minimal manual labor, resulting in lower per part cost.

    • Smart & Connected - Our next generation software delivers automatic, part-specific wash protocols, process control data for part traceability, and regular software updates.

    • Manufacturing at Scale - The Smart Part Washer delivers simple, repeatable part washing, enabling manufacturing at scale and environmental stewardship.

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MMI: Take this opportunity to tell us how you support the use of additive manufacturing in medicine.
Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based additive manufacturing company, offers modern hardware, software and functional resins, enabling manufacturers of medical therapies to move beyond prototyping to direct digital manufacture. With a range of sterilizable, biocompatible, engineering resins, Carbon provides the ability to transition from design iteration to manufacture on a single platform, opening up tremendous opportunities for device manufacturers, dental laboratories, and diagnostics companies.