Dunlee - Smit Röntgen

  • Booth: 1250

Smit Röntgen, a Philips brand, is a leading manufacturer capable of controlled processing pure tungsten via the AM technique Powder Bed Laser Melting. We have substantially invested in the new 3D printing manufacturing technology as well as post-processing and measurement equipment. A fundamental prerequisite for AM process development is the inclusion of in-house verification & validation. After years of development, we are the first in the world to enable innovative 3D designs in pure tungsten to be produced in high volumes.

Pure Tungsten is an excellent x-ray absorber, it is resilient to high temperature exposure and is environmentally safe (RoHS compliant). We specialize in medical applications but also develop products for industrial use such as: collimation, beam shaping, thermal & radiation solutions, balance weights, non-magnetic parts etc.

A short summary of our capabilities:

  • Maximum product size (230x230x200mm);
  • Minimum feature size 100um;
  • Minimum wall thickness of 100um;
  • Minimum tolerance of 25um; 
  • High aspect ratios (1:300) possible. 

We look forward to exploring any application areas you may have in mind.