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EMS Inc. is a leading provider of 3D scanning and 3D printing solutions that help companies streamline product development and manufacturing through advanced rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering and inspection solutions. With more than 15 years of 3D technology expertise in the automotive, aerospace, military, simulation & training, consumer products, medical, art and entertainment industries, EMS is an authorized reseller of 3D Systems, Creaform, SpaceClaim, Wenzel, GeoMagic, Surphaser, Zeiss, API Sensor, Innovmetric and SolidWorks. ITAR certified & FFL.


    The new CyberGage360 from CyberOptics offers an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and one-button simplicity for non-contact automated 3D scanning inspection....

  • Designed for use in general purpose metrology, the CyberGage360 has a range of applications from medical to automotive to aerospace to consumer electronics, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are important. 

    High-Precision accuracy with Multiple Reflection Suppression (MRS) Sensor Technology
    • Generates an automated, highly precise, full 360⁰ volumetric scan with NIST traceable accuracy to 7 µm + L/10000.
    • Incorporates CyberOptics’ proprietary 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology that enables metrology-grade accuracy by inhibiting optical measurement distortion and reflections.

    Easy-to-use Software with Push-Button Automation
    • Simplifies scanning with one-button simplicity
    • Provides factory-friendly operation with minimal training
    • Generates automated inspection reports including a comparison of scan data to CAD models or models based on ‘golden’ examples.
    • Programs off-line with pre-defined inspection templates
    • Speeds part program selection with Bar Code Part ID
    • Eliminates inspection gages with fixtureless design
    • Offers quick and simple field recalibration

    Automated 3D Volumetric Part Scan and Inspection Report in less than 3 minutes
    • Quickly generates a highly precise, full 360⁰ volumetric 3D surface scan of complex shaped parts in <3 minutes
    • Facilitates near-production line high-volume scanning and high speed throughput