Atlatl Software  

Charleston,  SC 
United States
  • Booth: 739

Atlatl Software is a software startup based in Charleston, South Carolina that's changing the way manufacturers and distributors sell. Their suite of sale acceleration applications are empowering the highest performing companies to sell faster, more efficiently, and increase revenue.

  • Quickly create 2D, 3D and AR configurations based on your specific engineering rules.
  • Produce engineering, installation and shop floor drawings of your products specifically as you configure them.
  • Instantly generate professional quotes with your specific pricing.
  • Efficiently manage your sales pipeline from lead to close. All on your mobile device.
  • Digitally share pricing information and receive pipeline data from your distribution network.




  • Quotebooks
    QuoteBooks is the sales enablement tool that helps companies accurately quote and track their activity throughout the entire sales process....

    • Easily build accurate quotes that reflect correct and consistent pricing. No more non-branded and lengthy quotes that turn away potential customers
    • Visualize your sales data to locate opportunities, quotes, customers and leads on a map. Target a filtered list of your contacts based on any characteristic and demographic
    • available on Google Play and iTunes
    • Digital and dynamic pricing and parts lists ready for distribution to your sales team and other channels
    • Instantly view your organization’s opportunities, quotes and leads
  • Quotebooks 2D
    A product configurator with native CPQ and CRM

    • Create a configurator workflow so that your sales team can customize your products based on your business needs.
    • Automate, manage and share real-time pricing for any configuration.
    • With a few simple clicks, design professional, accurate and detailed quotes based on your specific workflow. 
  • Quotebooks 3D
    View, customize and configure your products in 3D. Then price, quote and manage it in one place: QuoteBooks...

  • A full-featured rules language, 3D visualization, CAD automation and out-of-the-box integrations create a seamless end-to-end sales solution. Now your customers can interact with and experience the product they’re configuring.