Active Industrial Solutions

Maidstone,  ON 
  • Booth: 2619

Active Industrial Solutions engineer, manufacture and service complex plastic injection molds, custom automation and secondary processing equipment, gauges and fixtures, and specialty machined components with a strong history of value added solutions for a variety of manufacturing sectors. 

In May 2016, Active Industrial Solutions acquired Radix Inc, a leader in automation, delivering best in class technology based solutions, combining machine vision, advanced robotics and controls, assembly automation and custom software.

Active Industrial Solutions (AIS) and Radix Inc. group of companies create advanced manufacturing technology solutions in a wide range of industrial applications. Solutions include Assembly & Material Handling Stations, Robotic Automation, Conveyance, Traceability, Quality Inspections, Gauging, Vision Stations, Automated Nut-Runner, End of Arm Tooling, Punch & Weld, Fascia & Lighting Assembly, Interior/Exterior Trim, End of Line Inspections, Automotive lighting and more.


  • Inspect Tracker
    Vision-based system to automatically record & map defects during part inspection using a simple, handheld pointer. Benefits include digitally recording defect attributes on a 3D part model, assignment of defect severity and the associated cost to repair....

  • Traditional paper based mapping is inadequate for our future data needs.  Issues associated with:

    • Part complexity: Maps are confusing, inside vs outside surfaces,  repetitive features
    • Low location accuracy 
    • Low size accuracy
    • Difficult defect identification
    • Current computer systems are not user friendly
    • Time requirement for collection
    • Trending capabilities


    Inspect Tracker was developed to provide an accurate and efficient method of part mapping, enabling manufacturing effectiveness and relevant data capture on a 3D model.  3D data is required for improvement and automation activities.


    • Mapping on inside and outside surfaces; translate to a 3D model
    • Minimize time required for operator to collect size and defect type
    • Provide data which can be mined and used for quality improvement efforts
    • Improves accuracy of location marking
    • Be capable of using in daylight and under black light


    • Leverage prior Radix expertise with tool tracking:
    • Use standard machine vision cameras and a newly developed “Smart Pen,” with tracking target, to track the physical location and area marked by an operator for rework.
    • Inspector enters defect data through voice commands allowing the operator to stay engaged with the part; no distractions entering data into a computer
    • Defects mapped can be viewed on a 3D model as a population, by defect type, or as trending across multiple part
    • Uses non-visible light sources ideal for dark rooms and inspection areas where inspectors eyes are essential