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InSite Solutions, LLC (DBA is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. These products are alternatives to painting concrete floors and pavement and offer a maintenance friendly solution that is both easy to install and remove. InSite helps facility and safety managers create safer workplaces by communicating safety messages that prevent accidents. We have a large inventory of tools and resources for 5S and Lean businesses. InSite’s products improve efficiency and productivity, by visually organizing floors with floor markings that can feature photo-realistic images and custom made designs. Check us out for all your needs for floor marking tape, floor signs, safety signs, reflectors, pavement markers, stencils, street graphics, labels, 5S and Lean tools, custom signs and directional signs.

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  • Contact person: Cliff Lowe, Owner and Director of InSite Solutions and,

    Sometimes where a person comes from, can tell a lot about where a person is going. The same can be said for businesses, especially small businesses. As our business grows and we forge more and more relationships with our great customers, we wanted to share a little about how we got started, where we want to go and how grateful we are to our employees and our customers for helping us succeed so far.

    In The Beginning

    As a small business, we know it takes meticulous attention to details and continuous improvement to stay productive.

    Continuous improvement and always searching for solutions has been a theme for our company, InSite Solutions (dba Stop-Painting), since 2001. After several years working for a rubber manufacturing company selling their products to contractors in the road marking industry, I saw a need and demand for a different product – one that no one was making. I started my own company, taking my road marking knowledge and applying it to indoor applications.

    The process of designing and developing our flagship Superior Mark® Floor Tape took several years. We had many “back-to-the-drawing-board” moments and an untold number of failed ideas and tests. But we never gave up and took what we learned to keep on trying and improving our products. Eventually, we hit upon the winning design for our tape that combines a thicker and more durable tape with a recessed adhesive area and beveled edges to help resist the heavy scraping that comes from industrial equipment – namely forklifts.

    Building On Our Hard Work and Success

    Located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, off to the races we went and we have been working ever since to continuously improve our product line. I credit all the years in the road marking business while competing against the innovative giant 3m and a Jack Welch book, “Straight from the Gut” for encouraging boundary-less thinking. It’s America and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

    Today, Stop-Painting/InSite Solutions is the industry leader in offering resources and tools for visually instructive workplaces seeking to increase productivity and safety. With our superlative floor marking products and other adhesive solutions, we can make your business better.

    I am fortunate to have a caring, brilliant and patient wife to credit in building this business with me. She and I have truly come a long way -- from working out of our garage while holding two jobs with a newborn on the way! As any small business owner knows, there is no clock when it comes to success.

    I am blessed and have many people that have worked with me in the past and present that continue to help us grow our business to make sure we have an edge in the market. We truly love what we do and are proud of our accomplishments. We look forward to facing the future and continuing to be a leader in the facility marking and safety business. InSite Solutions holds three patents and has other patents pending. is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. helps facility and safety managers create more productive and safer workplaces by communicating with visual devices and visual cues.

  • Contact: Cliff Lowe, Owner and Director of InSite Solutions and,

    For many businesses, floor markings are a must for optimum productivity. This means using visual cues, signs and floor markings to direct employees and equipment in the most efficient and safe way, all in an effort to keep waste low and productivity high.

    The preceding pages described how to paint lines on a concrete floor (the most common floor surface in industrial settings), to create a visual organization system.

    Another option is using floor tape. This method is popular because companies frequently change paths or placements of floor markings as workflow needs change. For instance, if a company gets a new piece of equipment that must be added into the workflow, existing equipment is shifted to make room. This will usually create a need for updated floor markings.

    In addition to changing floor marking layouts, marked floors in a production facility –whether with paint or tape – are going to experience degradation due to equipment traffic and/or pallet dragging. So planning ahead on how these floors will be marked and maintained is a given to keep safety standards and productivity levels high.

    Repainting lines could take up to seven days and it is not an inexpensive endeavor. Floor tape can be easily applied, pulled up and reapplied to a new area or pathway or to repair damaged tape – making it a better solution than painting.

    Advantages of floor marking over painting lines are:

    • Less time for labor and installation
    • No costly shutdown during installation
    • No need for aggressive treatment of floor before application – which may damage floor
    • Ease of modification if lines need to be moved
    • Impactful messages can be applied to floor tape increasing the visual instruction value of the markings.

    Floor tape is a much more efficient process to implement and maintain. Most floor marking tape on the market is cheaply produced, costs about $5 a roll and easily stretches and tears.

    We believe that painting floors and using cheap vinyl tape is not the answer for companies looking to be efficient and productive. Our company was built around the idea that there is a better solution for marking floors. Our flagship product, Superior Mark™ floor tape, is the perfect solution. With patented beveled edges and a recessed adhesive, Superior Mark™ tape is more resistant to being pulled up by forklifts or dragging pallets than competing tapes. We manufacture Superior Mark™ tape in-house, using heavy duty PVC, which makes it dirt resistant, easy to clean and makes it easily removed in one piece. Competing tapes have an average of 3 mils thickness, while Superior Mark Tape is 32 mls thick.

    Check out this video that shows the difference between Superior Mark™ and competing tapes, learn more about Superior Mark™ on our website, or call us today to talk to one of our consultants at 1-866-284-1541.

  • Contact: Cliff Lowe, Owner and Director of and InSite Solutions,

    As advocates for visual communication, our Resource Center has expanded to offer an easy-to-use collection of videos. These videos will help our clients find solutions to becoming visually organized and offer information on tools and products we offer.

    This collection of videos includes animated short videos, application demonstrations, product case studies and more. As we seek to educate worksites on the value of being visually organized and offer ideas on how to achieve increased productivity, our videos serve as visual illustrations of our goals and advice. Check them out!

    We’ve also created a special spot for our How-To Guides. We’ll be expanding our collection of helpful and informative how-to guides and other reference essays and papers to offer in-depth advice on achieving specific floor-marking goals. All will be downloadable, so if you see one that will be helpful, you can print it out in its entirety for easy reference.

    Our goal is for our Resource Center to be an information resource for all businesses looking to use visual cues and devices to increase safety and productivity. Whether you buy our products or not – our information is free! We are always updating our archives with new and relevant media and materials. Check back often for new blog posts, photos, videos, how-to guides and more.

    If your company is seeking continuous improvement in achieving optimal visual organization, bookmark our Resource Center and keep up to date on the latest information, industry trends and tools and products to help you achieve your goals. is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. helps facility and safety managers create more productive and safer workplaces by communicating with visual devices and visual cues.


  • Superior Mark Floor Tape®
    Use our new online tool to customize your floor tape with images, repeating messages or other visual messages....

  • Our flagship floor marking product is Superior Mark® Floor Tape, researched, designed and manufactured in house in our facility in Wake Forest, NC. With its beveled edges and recessed adhesive, our floor tape is the most durable and easy to apply floor marking product you'll find. Our new online custom tool allows you to apply logos or custom repeating messages to your tape.