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At Praxair, we are a trusted provider of industrial gases, applications, products and services that support welding, cutting and other processes. OurProStar® product line includes welding supplies, cutting machines and automation from a large variety of manufacturers, and our strategically distributed plants and hubs allow us to efficiently supply our customers with our full range of industrial and process gases. But our service goes beyond providing high-quality products.

We are an overall solutions provider and through our exclusive StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program, we work with you to reduce manufacturing costs, increase productivity and improve quality. We also have five R&D centers dedicated to developing new technologies that help you do just that.


  • Stargon™ VS Shielding Gas
    Praxair’s Stargon™ VS welding blend for mild steel provides high arc energy and exceptional stability with metal core and solid wires, in all positions. Users can see a 20%-40% increase in productivity over C-25 & C-10, while reducing overall costs....

  • High Deposition Rates and Excellent Weld
    Quality for Carbon Steel MIG Welding
    Praxair’s Stargon™ VS welding blend helps improve throughput and productivity while reducing overall costs.

    Praxair’s Stargon VS gas blend provides high arc energy, which stabilizes the arc and allows maximum wire transfer rates and travel speeds, focused penetration and excellent bead appearance – good wetting, flat crown and minimal spatter.

    Shielding gases have natural limits on deposition. C-25 gas lacks enough energy in the arc to stabilize the weld at high deposition rates, leading to spatter and cold lapping. Although C-10 is able to match Stargon VS gas blend's 12.3 lbs/hr deposition rate, the quality is diminished by undercutting and crowning of the weld. If your project calls for a flat, clean weld at maximum wire feed and deposition rate, Stargon VS gas blend is the optimal choice.

    Increase Throughput and Your Bottom Line  
    When welding with a 15% duty cycle, Praxair’s Stargon VS gas blend can provide a 20% increase in productivity over C-10 and a 40% increase when compared to C-25 welding in CV and reduce overall costs.


  • Stargon™ AL Shielding Gas
    Praxair’s Stargon™ AL welding blend for aluminum helps fabricators improve weld quality in GMAW and GTAW processes....

  • Stargon™ AL Welding Blend
    Improve Aluminum Welding Performance and Travel Speeds

    Praxiar’s Stargon AL welding blend is an advanced shielding gas for welding aluminum. Stargon AL blend is a carefully prepared proprietary blend of argon with precisely controlled ppm (parts per million) additions of active gases, and it is versatile for use in both GMAW and GTAW processes.

    When compared to pure argon, Stargon AL blend provides better arc control, penetration and weld puddle placement, resulting in improved weld speeds and weld quality.

    By increasing arc stability, arc energy and overall arc performance, Praxair’s Stargon AL blend improves bead appearance, can reduce the cleaning zone, and provides better wetting and weld penetration – increasing process weld quality and operator appeal.

    GMAW Welding Features

    ■ Improved weld fusion and penetration
    ■ Better arc stability
    ■ Improved wetting
    ■ Reduced spatter
    ■ Smoother looking welds

    GTAW Welding Features

    ■ Excellent arc stability
    ■ Reduced cleaning zone
    ■ Improved weld fusion and penetration
    ■ Smoother welds
    ■ Improved wetting

  • ProStar™ Lancer Series CNC Cutting Tables
    Praxair’s ProStar™ Lancer Series CNC plasma cutting systems are an affordable, easily deployed solution for the steel processing needs of light fabricators, job shops, HVAC and sign companies—as well as artists and hobbyists....

  • ProStar™ Lancer Series CNC Cutting Tables
    Designed for light manufacturing, 
    job shops, and serious hobbyists. Starting at just under $25K


    ■ 100% welded framework  
    ■ Aluminum beams
    ■ Precision rack and pinion drives  
    ■ CNC grade carriers and cables  
    ■ FlashCut CNC controller
    ■ Available Hypertherm® or Thermal Dynamics® plasma units
    ■ Voltage sensing torch height control
    ■ Embedded CAD/CAM software with nesting capability
    ■ Laser pointer for plate alignment
    ■ Ohmic initial height sensing  
    ■ Static level water table
    ■ Easy to deploy—minimal assembly required

    Available Models:
    Entry Level PC/MicroStepper Driven Tables
    ■ PRS4 - 54" x 54" Cutting Area
    ■ PRS8 - 54" x 102" Cutting Area

    Job Shop CNC/Servo Motor Driven Tables
    ■ PRS48 - 54" x 102" Cutting Area
    ■ PRS51 - 66" x 126" Cutting Area
    ■ PRS62 - 78" x 150" Cutting Area 

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