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Mecanica Solutions has been providing engineering services to aerospace, automotive and AEC industries since 1982. Mecanica is privately held and is a world-wide provider of PLM solutions and technologies aimed at enhancing business processes. We offer a complete range of PLM solutions and on-site support to help your firm manage innovation throughout your product lifecycle.

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  • CATIAADD-ONCAMPAIGNQ22016ForalimitedtimeyoucantakeadvantageofsignificantpricediscountsonDassaultSystemesCATIAPLMExpressandCATIAV5add-ons.Learnmorehere:
  • (Mar 10, 2016)

    The best CAD software demands the best hardware and support. For a limited time, with the purchase of a CATIA V5 Mechanical Design configuration (CAT + MCE + FPE), we are offering a free, finely tuned Extreme Performance BOXX APEXX 2 2401 workstation (a value of $4,000) along with free technical support.

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  • At Mecanica Solutions we offer the first 3D CAD software and we help you to use it in the best way!

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    CATIA is the world’s leading engineering and design software for 3D CAD design excellence. It addresses all manufacturing organizations; from OEMs through their supply chains, to small independent producers....


    From concept to detailed design and onto drawing production, the CATIA Mechanical Design products accelerate core activities of product development. Mechanical Design products also address sheetmetal requirements and mold manufacturers through dedicated applications that dramatically enhance productivity and strongly reduce time-to-market.

    Popular configurations:

    Basic Design

    • Mechanical Design 1 (MD1)
    • CATIA Team PLM (CAT)

    Design, surfacing & drafting

    • Mechanical Design 2 (MD2)
    • Mechanical Product Creation (CAT + MCE)

    Design, surfacing, drafting & sheetmetal

    • Extended Mechanical Design 2 (XM2)
    • Fabricated Product Creation (CAT + MCE + FPE)



    CATIA Analysis provides realistic design simulation capability within the CATIA design environment, allowing designers to perform analysis directly on their master reference model in CATIA. Since there is no transfer of geometry, data integrity issues are avoided. The generative capability of the CATIA Analysis product suite enables design-analysis iterations to be performed rapidly from simple parts to complex assemblies. Unbeatable ease of use makes CATIA Analysis particularly suitable for designers looking to accurately size their designs and quickly evaluate their real-world performance.

    Popular configurations:

    Design, surfacing, drafting and part/assembly analysis

    • Mechanical Engineering 2 (ME2)
    • Generative Structural Analysis (CAT + MCE + GAE)

    Design, surfacing, drafting and advanced part/assembly analysis

    • FEM & Structural Analysis (CAT + MCE + FAX)



    CATIA Manufacturing covers a wide set of simple to advanced requirements from turning, 3 to 5-axis milling to complex mill-turn applications.The manufacturing product suite is fully integrated within CATIA and use the same model as the design and analysis products. Companies can therefore effectively manage concurrent engineering and manufacturing allowing them to reduce the length of the design to manufacturing cycle resulting in significant cost savings. Thanks to tight integration between tool path definition and computation, tool path verification and output creation, the user can boost production quality by machining the right part the first time. CATIA NC products offer a wide set of flexible high-speed machining operations such as concentric roughing, Z-level milling, spiral milling and 5-axis flank contouring.

    Popular configurations:

    Basic design, drafting + 3 axis surface machining

    • Mold & Die Machinist (RM2)
    • Surface Machining (CAT + SGE)

    Design, drafting + Multi-axis machining

    • Design & Adv. Machinist (AM2)
    • Advanced Multi-Axis & Pocket Machining (CAT + AME)


    Design advanced shapes based on a combination of wireframe and extensive multiple surface features, with full specification capture. CATIA Advanced Surfacing provides an extensive set of tools for creating and modifying mechanical surfaces used in the design of complex shapes or hybrid parts. These include wireframe elements: point, line, angle, plane, curves, circle, (bi-tangent, tri-tangent, through and trimmed), spline, parallel curves, corner on plane, connect 3D, spiral sphere, intersection and projection. Standard and advanced surface features include extrude, revolute, sweep, (including segment and circle), offset (including skin) and fill. Both standard and advanced combinations of elements use associative transformation, including symmetry, scaling, translation, affinity, extrapolation and fillet. It also has features that are used to join several surfaces together while assembling, trimming and splitting them.

    Popular configurations:

    Design, advanced surfacing & drafting

    • Hybrid Design 2 (HD2)
    • Mechanical Shape Design (CAT + MCE + HDX)


    CATIA's best-in-class composite solutions integrate the design, analysis, and manufacture of structures made from fiber-reinforced materials. It delivers tools to cover both the preliminary and detailed design phases while taking into account, even at the concept stage, the product's requirements for its manufacturability. CATIA Composites’ fully integrated solution provides the essential link between engineering design and physical manufacturing to allow for seamless collaboration.

    Popular configurations:

    Composite design

    • Composites Design (CAT + MCE + CPX)

    Composite manufacturing

    • Composites Manufacturing Preparation (CAT + MCE + CGX)

    Composite design and manufacturing

    • Composite Design 3 (CD3)
    ENOVIA is a set of PLM products for the management and distribution of development data and knowledge, the key elements of a company’s intellectual property....

  • As a key component of the Dassault Systemes’ PLM strategy, ENOVIA® provides companies with a complete set of integrated solutions to implement into their digital enterprise, simulating the entire product lifecycle from initial concept to aftermarket support. 

    ENOVIA provides integrated solutions that:

    • Encapsulate industry best practices
    • Deliver 3D-based communication and collaboration tools
    • Create business intelligence from product information
    • Support the scalability necessary for extended enterprise deployment
    • Integrate existing applications with ENOVIA to build a consistent and comprehensive information system

    Built on the Product, Process, Resource (PPR) Hub, ENOVIA facilitates the management, and access of intellectual property accumulated during the product development process. Extensive use of 3D product and process representations combine with analysis and simulation of the virtual enterprise so that everyone can understand, participate and contribute throughout the development lifecycle.

    ENOVIA V6 enables PLM 2.0, the online collaborative environment that involves creators, collaborators and consumers in the product lifecycle. Delivering benefits today that prepare customers for tomorrow, ENOVIA V6 provides global collaborative innovation, online creation and collaboration, a single PLM platform for IP management, a life-like experience, ready-to-use PLM business processes, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The products are organized into four business process-based domains in order to best target specific areas to address:

    • Governance
    • Global Sourcing
    • IP Lifecycle Management
    • Unified Live Collaboration

    ENOVIA® SmarTeam ® V5 is a leading solution for rapid-value Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), enabling mid-market businesses and engineering departments of larger organizations to optimally integrate, manage and reuse their product knowledge and processes. ENOVIA SmarTeam addresses global challenges through collaborative solutions that accelerate time to market, reduce costs, promote quality, and streamline responsiveness to customers, to the market, and to diverse compliance demands.
    V5 at a glance

    • Increase solution openness for better design collaboration with enhanced CAD integrations and a new embedded viewer
    • Enable first steps toward V6 with new ENOVIA 3DLive navigation capabilities and the introduction of V6 transition scenarios
    • Optimize maintenance and support with real time monitoring of the production environment
    • Streamline engineering collaboration with improved usability of BOM editors
    SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes....

  • Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enables users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature and life.

    Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense manufacturers and suppliers use SIMULIA solutions as part of their integrated development environment to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient analysis.

    Architecture, Engineering & Construction

    SIMULIA offers Abaqus Unified FEA solutions for predicting the strength and deformations in structures in the linear and nonlinear regime. Our pre- and post-processing technology and sophisticated solvers provide a complete and reliable solution for your simulation and structural analysis needs.

    Transportation & Mobility

    SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions that address a multitude of automotive engineering challenges.