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Servometer® is a leading manufacturer of custom miniature metal bellows, bellows assemblies, bellows-type flexible shaft couplings, gold-plated bellows contacts, and lightweight, structurally rigid, three dimensional electroforms.

Our unique, patented electrodeposition process produces hollow parts with walls as thin as 0.0003" [.008 mm]. Servometer metal bellows are lightweight, seamless, leak tight, flexible and repeatable, and widely used as mechanical back-ups for mission critical electronic systems in sensitive military and aerospace applications. Dimensions vary widely according to length and wall thickness. OD's range from 0.020 to 8.0 inches. Materials include nickel, copper, gold, silver, or a combination thereof. Each material can also be used for custom finishes on inside or outside surfaces. 

Servometer electroforms can add the structural rigidity and temperature capability of metal with only the weight of plastic.

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  • Flexible Shaft Couplings for Accurate Positioning
    Servometer® bellows-type, flexible shaft couplings are ideal for use in critical applications such as resolvers, encoders, servos, motion control devices, or in other precision motion control applications that require mechanically tight systems....

  • Precision motion control applications require mechanically tight systems, especially between motors, driven loads, and feedback devices to ensure accurate positioning, and often require shaft couplings that are torsionally rigid to accurately transmit rotational position, and laterally flexible to accommodate shaft misalignment.

    Servometer® precision electrodeposited, flexible shaft couplings provide low torque capabilities from 2 oz in (1.4 Ncm) to 20 lb-ft (27 Nm), for shaft sizes ranging from .090 to 1 inch to ensure accurate positioning between motors, driven loads and feedback devices, and can accommodate shaft misalignments up to 31°, or parallel misalignments (shafts parallel but offset) up to .076 inch

    Our nickel alloy bellows feature zero backlash, vibration damping capability, zero cyclic speed variation during 360° rotation, very low elastic windup due to torsional rigidity, and low side thrust on bearings because of lateral flexibility.

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  • Interconnectric® Gold Electrical Contact Springs
    Servometer® offers their line of paired Interconnectric® contacts as a standard offering. These miniature, gold-plated, bellows contact springs were designed for flexible interconnections, and can be used individually or as a pair....

  • Using bellows technology, Servometer® manufactures electrical contacts which help reduce signal loss and increase the speed of a transmitted signal. Rather than travel along the path of a spring, the signal travels the bellows’ walls to get the maximum signal in the least amount of time.

    OD’s from 0.037’ to 0.125” can be used individually or as pairs, and are available in both male and female configurations for applications requiring two parts be paired together.  The conical shape of the tip of the male gold-plated contact creates self alignment with the concave conical shape of the female receptacle. Other applications have the contact make an electrical connection with a pin or feedthrough hole. 

    These self-aligning contact springs minimize shock and vibration; help overcome tolerance buildup and misalignment problems in critical assemblies, and offer a less expensive alternative to higher cost, tight-tolerance assembly components.     

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  • Electroformed Metal Bellows as Design Solutions
    Servometer offers a unique, patented electrodeposition technology to manufacture its metal bellows, flexible couplings, spring contacts and assemblies....

  • Electrodeposited bellows are produced by plating metal (most often copper, nickel or a nickel alloy) onto a bellows-shaped form or mandrel and then removing the mandrel later in a caustic solution. This unique manufacturing process allows careful control of the bellows wall thickness which makes them extremely sensitive and ideal for precision instrument applications.  Typical applications include hermetic sealing of switches, pneumatic actuators, aneroids, altimeters, thermal compensators, mechanical seals, and pumps. They are also used as mechanical backups for mission critical electronic systems in sensitive military and aerospace applications.

    Electroformed bellows are lightweight, extremely flexible, seamless, non-porous and leak tight to 1 x 10and can provide large deflections with only minute forces – as small as 4 grams. A normal minimum life is 100,000 cycles. Dimensions vary in wide ranges according to length and wall thickness but OD’s range from  0.020 inches to 8.0 inches and convolutions may be as long as 10.0 inches, while compression strokes can be up to 60% of their free length. An experienced engineering and manufacturing staff can help design and assemble unique configurations and finished components specific to an application or requirement.

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