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Old Saybrook,  CT 
United States
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Werth manufactures high precision Optical and Multi-sensor Coordinate Measuring Machines.   From basic ScopeCheck and FlatScope machines for production environments to high-accuracy VideoCheck UA and TomoScope Computed Tomography X-ray machines.  Application solutions range from simple 2D & 3D shop floor measurement to complex, high accuracy five and six axes requirements. The TomoScope captures 3D point clouds accurate at the micron level to measure internal and external features nondestructively. Unique sensors include the Werth Fiber Probe with diameters as small as 10um (.0004”) to measure the smallest features touch probes cannot.  Powerful, yet user-friendly WinWerth software is fully integrated into every machine to maximize versatility.  We take the time to understand your applications to provide the best and cost effective solution for your needs.

If it's worth measuring...it's Werth measuring it right!


  • VideoCheck
    High accuracy fixed bridge multi-sensor CMM with air bearing technology and rigid granite design. Werth image processing sensor, Werth 3D-Patch, Werth laser sensor, touch-trigger and dynamic probes, Werth Fiber Probe, Werth Contour Probe....

  • -Fixed bridge CMM for highest precision and flexibility
    -Video measuring machine for determination of 2D and 3D geometries
    -Video-Sensor-IP for automatic measuring of basic elements in incident and transmitted light
    -Highly accurate measuring stage due to high precision air bearing design and fine grained granite
     -Integrated Werth Zoom® optic with magnification 0.7x – 6.8x and variable working distance (20 mm – 200 mm 0.8” – 8”)
     -Integration of additional sensor units to a multisensor system guarantees higher flexibility and measuring speed
    -Autofocus for Z-measurement (3D-machine)
    -High flexibility due to variable CNC illumination devices
    -Graphical, interactive WinWerth® measuring software
     -Fast CNC continuous-path control
     -Modular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applications

    Measuring ranges:  

    X=400-3500 mm (16"-140")

    Y=400-1750nn (16-70")

    Z=200-600mm (8-24")

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