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Maple Grove,  MN 
United States
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Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC is the world’s leader in CNC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and complete solutions for multidimensional metrology in the metrology lab and production. We offer bridge-type, horizontal-arm and inline measuring machines, as well as form, contour and surface measuring machines, our METROTOM Computed Tomography system, and the O-INSPECT multi-sensor CMM. We develop and manufacture all key components, such as controllers, software, measuring systems and sensors to provide the best metrology experience.


  • ZEISS DuraMax HTG Coordinate Measuring Machine
    The ZEISS DuraMax HTG CMM, an enhancement to the standard model, is now even more insensitive to mechanical vibrations and temperature fluctuations. These properties make it ideal for use in a production environment – now at temperatures from 15-40°C....

  • "Even in moderate climates, it is not uncommon for the temperatures in production areas to exceed 30°C," says Johannes Möhrle, Product Manager at ZEISS. Increasingly compact, modern production lines equipped with heat-generating machine tools contribute to room heating. However, limitations in air conditioning can also falsify the measured values on a coordinate measuring machine, e.g. as a result of gust-like air flows. Because heat and temperature fluctuations can impair the accuracy of measuring machines, quality assurance is faced with additional challenges.


    Improving air conditioning is one solution, but operating and maintaining such systems is expensive. "This is what led us to enhance our ZEISS DuraMax compact coordinate measuring machine," states Möhrle. The machine works as reliably as before at a temperature range that has more than doubled: ZEISS DuraMax High Temperature & Gradients (HTG) delivers accuracy down to 3.2 µm at ambient temperatures of 15-40°C.

    SURFCOM NEX 100 offers the highest accuracy in its class for roughness and contour measurements, and the analysis of both in one measuring run enhances measuring efficiency....

  • Choose from multiple contour and roughness sensors to fit your application. The high-speed and low-vibration linear drive unit delivers long-term stable movement, for the highest measurement accuracy. This patented dual detector offers single data gathering at nano-level measurement resolution for roughness and contour profiling. The hybrid detector is also available for those interested in upgrading their existing linear surface systems from ZEISS.

    SURFCOM NEX series has dedicated detectors with expanded contour range (60 mm) and highest fidelity (0.1 nm resolution  min.) for surface roughness. New features include a 30 percent larger standard granite table over existing machines, expanded to 133 mm with T-slots for ease of part staging. Additional benefits of SURFCOM NEX include an improved detector safety mechanism, quick change magnetic contour arms that do not require requalification, optional T-stylus probing for up/downward tracing, automatic stylus force (NEX 040) and a temperature correction function for assured accuracy within 20ºC +/-5º.